Breaking news: Favre traded to the New York Jets

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by ipack, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Favre is gone from green bay, I actually like this trade... The Jets have a number of good wide receivers, and now they have an arm that can deliver the ball downfield to them.

    Maybe now too ESPN will stop talking about this and give us more football news from around the league :rolleyes:
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    Yes sir.


    The ESPN Executives

    (but i totally agree, love tcg)

    I think the more important question is WHO WILL THE BEARS QUARTERBACK BE?

    Kyle Orton anybody? :ey:
  3. Yeah, I've been watching it for a little bit.

    Tampa Bay was smart to stay away from him since they have Jeff Garcia.

    I hate the Jets though.. so I hate this trade. I really wanted to see him go to Minnesota and fuck over the Packers.

    Seriously though... isn't this sportscenter? I want to see some baseball highlights.. damn Brett Favre.
  4. When Jessica Alba walks into a LAN party, nobody's paying any attention to the game at hand.

    Except for the gay kid in the corner who's fragging everybody while they're busy gaping.
  5. I think I'd have to be baked to understand that. Are you calling me the gay kid in the corner? Lmao.
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    Shit my bad. My analogy failed.

    Watching Sportscenter now... VERY eerie seeing the Jets logo under Favre's name......... Like a foggy dream.

    Aaron Rodgers is probably happy as fuck right now though.

  7. LAN party.. multiple game systems or computers networked (LAN=Local Area Network) so that multiple gamers can compete against each other at the same time.

    Fragging refers to any kill in a video game. Example


    l0L3rz Pwn3d!!!!!!11!

    Anyways, so in this analogy.. he is saying that if Jessica Alba walked into the room, no one would pay attention to the game at hand.. except for the homosexual kid in the corner that's taking advantage of the lack of attention to the game to record easy "frags" as it were.

    In the same way that when a future hall of famer who had one of his best seasons last year and that's been with the same team for so long get's traded, everything else sort of takes a backseat.

    Yeah I'm sick of it, but I can sort of understand why
  8. Actually, I think Rodgers would have smoked him in training camp, if your just talking about a game situation,...Favre's maybe the better choice, but if its just a mini camp compition thing, the old man wouldnt be able to keep up with the younger guy. Rodgers might have be able to beat Bret for the job outright...I mean remember, we are still just talking about Brett Favre here, not Joe Montana. The Jets better be ready for a shit load of interceptions, I dont think its going to be a good fit, but I guess when your so desperate to play you'll go anywhere.
    The whole thing got so pathetic, one day this...the next day that. I'm afraid now it'll just be more of the same...analysis on how he will do in NY.
    Olympics are starting, but Brett is the headline news everyday, thats fucked up.
  9. its just gotten worse apparantly for the moment with the coverage.. i swear to god 45 minutes of the midnight (east coast) sportscenter was devoted to favre.

    How will he do? how long will he play? who will the Jets release to free up room on the salary cap? will he hunt and fish in his free time?

    then there were the "top 10 brett favre plays".. i mean c'mon
  10. I know what you mean Pack, its enough to drive a dude crazy man.
  11. im pumped i definitely wanna grab some tickets for when he comes to NE
  12. It'll be weird seeing him in a jets uniform for sure.
  13. Haha, I was talking with my pops over the situation yesterday (we're both huge Packer fans), and from the way I see it - He wants to go down to GB and assassinate GM Ted Thompson. :p

    Oh well, it might be fun to see Favre playing for the Jets. Don't forget, they also picked up veteran TE Bubba Franks from Green Bay this year, so there's a familiar face for him.
  14. Brett Favre is a fucking moron. Has he never learned what happens when people trade in their legacy to go play for another team? He should of retired and stayed on top, retired a Packer and lived the rest of his days in the minds of the fans. Instead, he thinks he is some god like creature and that the Pack has to take him back.

    He announced his retirement, and he said he will no longer play. The Pack took this as an opportunity to shift away from his legacy and put all their efforts into making Rodgers a good replacement. The Packers knew the moment would come and the most unhealthy thing for the team would have been Favre rejoining the team to live out more of his fantasies.

    The Packers are not at fault for shafting the man, they knew what had to be done and they wanted to just start a new instead of grasping on to something that has already passed them by.

    I have lost all respect for Facre ever since he came back and expected his spot to still be there for him and I have lost even more respect for him now. I used to watch every Sunday game with the Packers just to watch the man play, he was that good. I idolized him and obsessed over the man. I was even okay when he beat the Patriots in the Superbowl of 97. But this was the last thing Favre should have done.

    I'm sorry but the man has peaked. I hope the Jets have a fun time paying his massive salary so he can get injured next season and be FORCED to retire. He has no more gas left in him, he is done. And to all you Jets fans who think that you have a chance at the playoffs this year because of him.... Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha the rest of your team still sucks and you play in a division that bitch slaps the shit out of your team ever season. Have fun with that pipedream of yours.
  15. he should just retire for good already, i mean hes got a superbowl ring and all that, hell if someone offered me 28 mil to retire , ooooo fo sho, i guess hes a greedy guy for the love of the game. was hopin the bears woulda picked him up ,but oh well. now to see where penningtons going???
  16. I'll start the over/under line for his INTs at 26. Anyone got a problem with that?

    Brett has to pad those stats ya know, 288 and counting.

    And there is NO WAY espn will cut back coverage. Here we have The Great White Hope, the one sports guy in America that is "bigger than the shirt" and completely saturated in myth and hyperbole (myth because Brett doesn't hold the consecutive starts record as proclaimed over and over and over and over) and he moves to NEW YORK. The epicenter of over inflated egos and self-important sports media.

    This is gonna get worse, way worse. And if the Jets actually win their first few games, oh buoy! I think I might go kill my TV now.
  17. Favre is the one to blame. Why retire and come back less than 2 months later? Nobody had a gun to his head...

    In my crazy head, I feel he faces more pressure than Aaron Rodgers. If Favre stinks it up badly, then everyone will ask "Why all the fuss over Favre when he cannot even live up to expectations?"

    I am not a Favre hater, but I never thought he was the best ever. He is Top 5, but I think Peyton Manning will surpass him eventually, especially if he wins another Super Bowl. Favre does have the MOST interceptions of all time. That is something nobody ever really refers to because he is ESPN's vibrator. Favre has put a lot of pressure on Rodgers and now himself. We will have to see how this plays out.
  18. so who has more consecutive starts than him?
  19. Thank god someone sees it my way (also, thank you for eloquently phrasing my scattered thoughts on the situation). I can't see how anybody can think this is the Packers ogranization's fault.
  20. im glad its finally over, annoying as hell
    i do agree its really odd to see favre in a jets uni. although green n white i think looks better than yellow n green
    - cant wait to see what arron rodgers does

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