Breaking it Down: Marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by Aurora, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Did anyone else happen to watch "Breaking it down: Marijuana" with Serena Altschul last night on MTV? If you did I'd really love to get some feed back as to what you thought of it.

    I personally thought the show was very informative, much more so than the History Channel's (I have to say this) rather boring historical documentation on the mere legal history of weed. MTV really did a great job with this show. Very informative. Lots of eye candy. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  2. i didn't see it last night... i think it may have previously aired though... the one where she walks through different sections of canada? through the businesses where people smoke for "medical purposes"? and talks with Mark Emery? the butt munch that rapes people by over-charging for seeds
  3. I wish I had cable :(

  4. yea that'd be the one... i watched it last year... it was funny i taped it and used it for my editing in video editing. Just a bunch of bud shoots with some guys coughing and some weird souding dude going "WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!"
  5. yeah, I watched that yesterday night....... I seriously was really sad and pissed when the fucking pigz started cutting down all of those plants, and when they confiscated the 100 pounds of marijuana from the border of mexico and U.S. that was a good show, and I want to go visit B.C. sometime!
  6. That same chick that was on the show did a special for CNN on PCP a few months ago.

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