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Breaking: Even more hard proof that climate change is a hoax

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Blades,

    This story is late breaking and is the latest smoking gun in a series of devestating smoking guns.

    At this point, you have to be a flat earther to deny this clear evidence that AGW is a hoax and that the data has been faked by the AGW fraudsters.

    Climategate goes SERIAL: now the Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated data to exaggerate global warming – Telegraph Blogs

    Climategate just got much, much bigger. And all thanks to the Russians who, with perfect timing, dropped this bombshell just as the world's leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to discuss ways of carbon-taxing us all back to the dark ages.
    Feast your eyes on this news release from Rionovosta, via the Ria Novosti agency, posted on Icecap. (Hat Tip: Richard North)
    What the Russians are suggesting here, in other words, is that the entire global temperature record used by the IPCC to inform world government policy is a crock.
    As Richard North says: This is serial.

    UPDATE: As Steve McIntyre reports at ClimateAudit, it has long been suspected that the CRU had been playing especially fast and loose with Russian – more particularly Siberian – temperature records. Here from March 2004, is an email from Phil Jones to Michael Mann.
    And here at Watts Up With That is a guest post by Jeff Id of the Air Vent
    And here is what one of the commenters has to say about the way the data has been cherry-picked and skewed for political ends:
    Not, of course, dear readers that I'm in any way tempted to crow about these latest revelations. After all, so many of my colleagues, junior and senior, have been backing me on this one to the hilt….
  2. Gotta' love the Russians :smoke:
  3. I'm pretty sure the gist of it was really that they had cherry-picked data to amplify the results; the climate is still changing, just not nearly as drastically as these people claim.

    Which still doesn't mean that nothing should be done about it. Reducing air pollution would have innumerable positive consequences regardless of climate change, and we'll always find a way to adapt (economically) to the changes.
  4. People cherry-picking data to support one of the most "important" issues of our day brings with it a couple more problems than just adjusting our budget to these new policies. These policies are being built around fraudulent data which suggests the climate is drastically warming due to human interference in our environment. These same people which are providing fraudulent data are not only suggesting that we have done irreparable damage to our planet, but that if you do not attempt to "go green" you are in fact a lesser person because of it.

    This global warming bullshit really appeals to people. People like to be uppity and in your face and point out your wrongdoings. What better way for people to make themselves feel better than by pointing out that their neighbor doesn't recycle, doesn't drive a hybrid, doesn't buy carbon-bullshit plane tickets, and doesn't use Greenlist Windex.

    You do not lie for no reason. When was the last time you lied for no reason? Never? That is what I thought. So why would these global warming advocates lie about their data. Period. That is it. It doesn't matter that it doesn't change it that much or if we can adapt. Why the fuck would they lie? What purpose could it serve?

    I mean, it couldn't have anything to do with all of these wonderful commercially available "green" products that people are making millions off of, could it? Why would someone lie just so that millions could be made selling guilt? Oh, and what about those cap and trade bills that our legislators are proposing? No money to be made there either, right?

    I can not believe that anyone seriously still buys this shit. It makes literally 0 sense. None at all, and the motives are fucking crystal clear! Wow...
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    You are right about the lying. There is an agenda behind all this deception. I believe that agenda is world government.

    Behind the lies and the tyranny, there is always a government of some kind.

    I believe that this current age may well come to be known as the age of deception by people of the future.


    UN Chief: We Will Impose Global Governance
  6. It honestly would not surprise me, in fact I almost do believe that their aims are for bigger government. I have a slightly harder time finding the motivation for things like that. It isn't that the motivation isn't there, it is just that I can't see it.

    I'm content knowing that they lied and that they lied for money and for power. It honestly doesn't matter how much money or power, the simple fact that they lied and people are accepting it is what disgusts me so much.


  7. Yep, and it drives me nuts too. I would call it a 'strong delusion' ;)

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 2Th 2:11

    ........ I kiddd i kiddd! Nice article btw
  9. this is pretty funny i never believed in global warming anyways
  10. This news is nonsense. So some scientists manipulated data. How true is that? Who gives a fuck what the Russians say? Did they manipulated the glaciers melting away all around the globe? Did they manipulate the polar ice caps receding? Is this not for real? The climate is going one of two ways. Either its getting warmer, or it's getting cooler on average. It will never remain the same.
  11. Dude, what oil company do you work for?

  12. It's official! It's all bullshit!
  13. In order for global warming science to be a hoax THOUSANDS OF SCIENTISTS, not just the few from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia … the CRU … where those stolen emails are from. The conspiracy would have to include climate researchers from around the world. It would also have to include members of the National Academy of Sciences … the NAS … who were asked to evaluate the work of climate scientists. It would have to include scientists in different fields who interact with climate scientists. I'm not that big of a conspiracy theorist to buy that.

    The Climategate Dialogues: Part 1 | Progressive U
  14. Dude, what green piece of shit do you work for?

    I'm not saying that oil companies are all that much better, but we are utilizing a resource that our infrastructure supports. Fossil fuels are necessary, even for more efficient energy. It isn't like we can pull up to a hydrogen fuel cell station every half a mile. We do not need Greenlist products or carbon credits, we need to develop better technology which doesn't happen by selling lies. It happens by the laws of supply and demand, and that will absolutely never change.

    Use your head and think about the situation at hand.

    Everyone is sitting here saying that they didn't really lie or that it doesn't matter.

    WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY LIE, THEN? If it doesn't make a difference then why was it hidden? Why was it not published? Why was it deleted/destroyed? This makes no fucking sense. Zero.

    People are making tons and tons and tons of money by screaming at the top of their lungs how everyone needs to go green while these same people are using tons and tons and tons of fossil fuels.
  15. [ame=""]YouTube- GLOBAL WARMING (in under a minute)[/ame]

  16. Did you actually see glaciers melting away?

    Al Gore knows Photoshop. :rolleyes:
  17. It is almost like he is better... Believing something someone said on the TV like he has actually seen it!

    The only difference is that we pay attention to the minority of intelligent people on the television instead of the crap they serve to the sheep.
  18. [ame=]YouTube - Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: Global Warming part 1 of 7[/ame]
  19. In the world today with the population so great once you get a good amount of them swaying one way its sure to stick. Its unfortunate that more people can't think for themselves, as well as pick up a fucking book and learn that the earth has experienced what they call, 'global warming' before humans were even around.

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