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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. well the huge gap called loneliness in my life jus got a whole lot bigger. the only person who's been supporting me through my whole getting off pills thing is now out of my life and i dont know if i can fuckin handle it anymore. i feel so empty and i cant stop crying (fuck you if you think thats pussy). welp, so much for my clean time looks like its back to all the pills n shit cuz if i dont i'm gonna end up fuckin killing myself.

  2. you cant always depend on other people to get you through what you need to get through. help yourself!

  3. for real.. im always lonely but i know i could help myself if i wanted to. if you cant, no offense, but that is pretty weak if you need someone to make sure you dont do pills!
  4. nah man it aint like that. this was the person i could talk to whenever i was havin urges and they'd talk some sense into me n now i dont have that to assist me, kinda like having a person in a wheelchair without the wheelchair itself, they can still move but its really hard.

  5. There job should already be done. You already know not to be taking all types of rx shit anyway, common sense says so and since you already showed you have that common sense...

  6. so its time to use it. cmon man, dont tell me the drugs are stronger than you??
  7. tiz all good i jus made sure to smoke a lil more than usual. stil sucks, but not as bad.


    edit: the person who's been supporting me this whole time was my best female friend/ somewhat of a girlfriend, but i dunno she jus don wanna talk to me or see me again cuz "she needs to get over me" so fuck it, life sucks i'll deal with it the fun way.
  8. Stay away from the pills! Read my post a few days back about depression. I just got out of the hospital because of an dystonic reaction to the pills I was taking. Definately not something you ever want to deal with. Keep your head up, man. Lots of good karma heading your way.
  9. yea man i posted on that thread, n i to have ended up in the hospital cuz of pills (twice actually, sucked both times) so i'm stayin away from the p i double l s's, or at least tryin to.
  10. Glad to see you're trying to keep the pills away from your body. Toke through the hardtimes. The pills wont do shit but make you feel worse. Good luck with everything, Negligent. You'll be fine.

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