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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by cloudman, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. I dont have any kids but i just happen to click on this article on msn it said something like
    "how to tell your kids that you did drugs"

    Here it is:

    "Q: I have an eight-year-old daughter who has recently asked me about marijuana. This discussion was prompted by her hearing that some older kids (10- and 11-year-olds!) at school were trying it. While in college, I smoked in moderation, but I would prefer not to have to lie to my kids about my experiences with the drug. I sort of skirted the issue with my child, telling her we'd talk about it soon. What is the best way to handle this issue with her?

    A: This is a very common concern for many parents who lived through the sixties, a time when many people experimented with drugs. Some parents feel strongly that they don't need to volunteer their past marijuana use (or they fear their kids would be encouraged to try it, knowing that their mom or dad had in the past). Others would never consider lying to their child

    Whatever your choose to do, the first thing you should discuss with your daughter need not be your personal experience. Try emphasizing the medical and legal issues related to marijuana. Tell her that the government considers smoking marijuana illegal, not to mention unhealthy. You could also explain some of the physical effects, such as loss of brain cells and the dulling of short-term memory. But also make sure she realizes that you would not want to see her come to any harm by using it.

    Next, tell her that, as children grow into teenagers and adults, it's natural to want to try new things and do some experimenting. Explain that many adolescents go through a rebellious period when they want to do things that are "wrong" because they find it exciting, or they want to do things that are illegal because they think it shows how cool they are. Explain that most kids who make poor choices, later wish they hadn't. You might use smoking cigarettes as an example: Most new smokers are teenagers who are trying to prove how cool they are. They later regret starting smoking because it's unhealthy--even deadly--and extremely difficult to stop.

    Assure your daughter that there are plenty of new and interesting experiences for her in the years ahead, and you hope she will make good choices about what things she tries, because you love her and care about her safety and health.

    If your daughter asks you if you have ever tried it, you might want to try this approach: Tell her that you felt a lot of peer pressure to experiment with marijuana when you were in college. (Emphasize that you tried this in your early twenties, not when you were a preteen or teenager). This will give you an opportunity to discuss peer pressure and to learn more about your daughter's world and the pressures she is feeling. You may want to add that your experience smoking marijuana was not particularly pleasant (e.g., the smoke hurt your throat) and you regretted doing it.

    Sadly, kids today feel pressure to drink and do drugs starting as early as elementary school. This means that family talks about drug use will need to be an ongoing conversation in your home. Your candor, clear rules about drug use, and willingness to listen to your child's point of view will make all the difference.

    Dominic Cappello works with educators and parents to improve students' school experiences. He is the co-author of TEN TALKS PARENTS MUST HAVE WITH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT SEX AND CHARACTER and author of TEN TALKS PARENTS MUST HAVE WITH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT VIOLENCE"

    What do you guys think totall BS or is this the way to do it?

    p.s. i think it's crap but thats just the way i am :)
  2. It may be a bit of BS and load of hypocracy, but that pretty much describes the strategy I've been taking with my kids.

    Unfortunately, or not, I've come to accept a bit of hypocracy in my life on this topic. I keep my mj use a secret from the kids and we've had talks about what they're learning in school about the 'dangers' of mj. Someday, I'll probably get high with them, but I really hope it doesn't happen until they're at least out of high school.

    Good luck w/yours.

  3. im gonna let my kids smoke weed when they 13... cus thats when i became a stoner...
  4. hopefully by the time i have kids mj will be legal

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