Breakin It In!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by RipThatNug, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Me and PuRe CaNNaBLiSS breakin in our new little bong


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    links didnt work man

    edit nvm
  3. also that bong is pretty sick
  4. Nice bong man ;)
  5. yeaaa! she rips for a lil one!
  6. i got da same damn lighter
  7. tight little bong man, and some dank tunes to burn to, dont be comin round here unless ya got me sensi herb:smoking:
  8. that bong is a lil beasttttt. i want one haha
  9. you only know! we love SS. i saw them twice over the summer. they were all really good shows :smoking:
  10. At first I thought when you went to clear it a fucking fireball happened in it.
  11. lol, u couldnt even wait to get out of the parking lot eh? :bongin:
  12. actually thats our parkin lot at our dorm. we waited. the 5 minute drive was a killer tho!
  13. wow dude yea i totally know what you're talking about
    cause of the sun coming through
    crazy ripped right now and that looks amazing
  14. Nice binger. I call my lil' one Jack the Ripper.
  15. solid sized bong man, and hot boxin, looks like a good day
  16. Haha, I paused the song, "Collie Man", to watch this video, only to hear it in the video.. that was weird.
  17. haha yea its pretty crazy. we'll post vids of our steamroller later on today :)

  18. always helps the mornin go better :)
  19. damn man. I almost want to cry.... My bestfriend recently quit burnin and we used to just hot box his car allllll day, and just zone out listening to slightly stupid and a bunch of Bob.... +Rep man, sick bong and tunes
  20. Great way to start off your mornings!

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