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Discussion in 'General' started by TripZone, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Alright so I don't wanna hear your "McDonald's is bad, it has this that and everything in between. It'll make you fat and slowly kill you" sorry biaaaatch, the drugs and sex will do that before some Mc'y D's does lol.

    Anyways, after a night at the bar of heavy drinking, I always go get a steak egg & cheese bagel from mc donald's.. now i dont know why this disgusting looking mess is so damn good, but it is amazing.

    Any of you guys got a breakfast food that you feel the need to eat ASAP after a long night of drinking?

    Oh yeah, the blunt I smoked on the way there helped my hangover I'm sure too :D
  2. Buy the ingredients and make them yourself. I would rather have an avocado, egg, and cheese on a bagel that I made than some fake egg product from Micky D's.
  3. I'm pretty sure sex and drugs won't make me fat.

    You might not want to hear it, but I'm going to say it. McDonalds is fucking gross. Eat some real food.

    (as I suck down a dunkin donuts coffee for breakfast :laughing:)

  4. I never eat fast food, only after a night of drinking and some bud on the way.

    At least you're drinking coffee, have you seen the shit some places serve? Like a glazed krispy kreme donut but its a sandwich with bacon n egg or what ever...i mean really? Now THAT is terrible. i would never eat that, you'd like.. died on the spot haha
  5. Tim Hortons :)

  6. Him Tortons
  7. Coffee is the only thing I can put in my stomach before noonish. I'm just not a breakfast eater. It makes me gassy, lol.
  8. McDonald's is delicious, i will never stop eating it lol :hello:
  9. I usually get a McGriddle after a night of drinking. But I haven't drank in a while so no McD's for me :(
  10. I don't usually like McDonalds, but after a night of drinking some weed and a greasy breakfast is heavenly.
  11. A french van. cappacino from TIm Hortons.

    Bacon, Home-made waffles and a big glass of OJ or coffee. FTW :hello:

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    Fleetwood Diner is where it's at
  13. man i love frying up some bacon and eggs, make a bacon egg and cheese toaster sandwich...geez man that shit is sooo fuckin good. Or omlets u can never go wrong talking about ham, cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes, green peppers.....damn i want one right now!

  14. Me too, don't you hate that? Breakfast food sounds nasty before 4-5PM, when nobody else wants it :(
  15. ^---- I hate that. I love breakfast food... just, not for breakfast. Thought of food in the morning makes my stomach churn...

    As to fast food... never, aside from pizza. I fuckin love pizza... pizza is a lot like sex. Even when it's not that great, its pretty good.
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    I'm about to make:

    Hashbrowns w/ ketchup and tabasco, perhaps a slice of cheese on top
    Grilled sandwich filled with scrambled eggs, honey ham, cajun chicken, pan-fried mushrooms, pepperjack cheese, onions, and jalapenos

    You know I'm gonna get blazed first :smoking:
  17. Nah dude McD's breakfast kind of sucks...I hate when I leave a party at 3am and get to McD's during breakfast, I usually will just turn back at that point :(
  18. 24 hour diner for sure when out late and shitfaced.

    or if i'm in NYC i always hit the Carnagie Deli.. they stay open till like 4am and do breakfast and whatnot.
    those mcdonald's sausage egg and cheese biscuits are pretty fucking good too
  19. id love some micky d's after a long nite of drinking, id pretty much eat anything at that point and drink some water haha

  20. See we don't have any place cool like that here AW. Just fast food open late night/early mornings.

    For sure, I load up on mcy d's, n i drank like 4 bottles of water and 3 glasses of OJ... im still thirsty, god damn dehydration :p

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