Breakfast of champs!

Discussion in 'General' started by GimmieMore, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Well... sorta... its not really breakfast at 5pm but whatever.....

  2. haha nice man, enjoy bro... one question tho....

    why is your pipe next your food like that? kinda unsanitary dude imho...

    happy token tho!!!
  3. is that for the dog?
  4. dog? hell no! those are awesome ass waffle house hashbrowns with extra cheese.... some of the best food out!

    the pipe? i just set it there for the pic.

  5. With some marijuana on the side. Nice.
  6. i wish i could go to waffle house and order that with a side of packed bowl. maybe you should have a resteraunt with a packed bowl as a side item for special guests
  7. breakfast of champs is smoke.
  8. heh, i ate a small portion of the hashbrowns and then killed the bowl, ate some more, then smoked half the j and ate some more....

    lol... i feel good...
  9. The breakfast of champs is:

    Tim hortons coffee
    Fried tomatoes
    pemeal bacon

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