Breakfast of Champions: Good greens with qwiso

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by oldskoolgrower, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I'm taking a long weekend so today I am not even going to bother trying to get any work done. Instead, I decided to make myself a nice tasty breakfast.

    I've got this qwiso that I made from mostly buds. Very potent.

    Next I take a nice nugget.

    Then break the nugget up.

    Top with some of those nice thin qwiso shavings. Some assembly required.

    Enjoy :smoking:

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  2. Looks like a very good way to start the day man.
  3. You know it. I've only smoked half the bowl; I'm eating some leftover chicken parmesean and pasta from last night now :D
  4. You, sir.

    Know how i feel about this post. :wave:
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    I'm sure :D

    It was missing something, and after reading another thread about killer bowls I realized I had some kief left from when I made hash for my wife's Valentine's Day present (making her some super potent double chocolate hash brownies). So, I put a touch more green on top, another bit of qwiso, and some kief. I think it is now complete :smoking:

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  6. Nice breakfast, you know how to start a day! :smoke:
  7. Nice bro!

    Also you'll have to take a photo of these brownies!
    We've just hit valentines here, should be an interesting day.
  8. I too am making some special edibles for my loved one. Taking a half ounce from those mids I picked up yesterday (pics in this forum) and making some brownies myself. It's just now the 13th here so I have plenty of time.
  9. Nice man, ill look for that pick up soon.

    And good luck with the batch of brownies too!
    Sure the wife/GF will love them ;):wave:
  10. The brownies are in the oven now :)
  11. Thanks! Just finished the butter simmer period and it's in the fridge now for the next 22 or so hours. Waking up early so I can strain and cook before she wakes up. I'll make sure to get her good and fucked up tonight so she sleeps in :D

    Lucky! It's still EARLY in the 13th over here so I have to let the butter.....butterize?
  12. Brownies are cooling. They have about 4 grams of frosty bud and 3 grams of hash in them, or in the butter I should say.

    I may have to sample one later. I wouldn't want my wife to eat too much of them; she's a lightweight compared to me.

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  13. LOL +1 for truth over here
  14. My wife is so cute when she's all wasted. She's a light smoker; a few hits in the evening, more on weekends.

    I just tasted a brownie. So damn good. I need to resist eating anymore of them or my wife will come home to find me laying on the couch, covered in crumbs, with a little drool on my chin and a vacant stare in my eyes.
  15. lookin good OSG, makin me hungry for brownies

    [Had 2 bowls for breakfast, 1 was cereal]
  16. man my dream is to have a *significant other* that i can give weed to for valentine's day

    my girlfriend is anti pot to the extreme

    but damn if she aint hot

    choices choices
  17. You can have both though :D

    My wife helped build my grow room, smokes with me, and is smoking hot.
  18. when I first start smokin I had a gf who didnt like it... but ive had 3 since then that love it just as much as me...

    Hopefully I will make one my wife someday and she can help ME out lol and if you havent watched any videos, they are usually "hot"
  19. I remember when I was first dating my now wife. She lived in Florida and I lived in PA. The first time I flew down to see her there she picked me up at the airport with a fat joint of some really skunky smelling green.

    I already loved her, but it was at that moment that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. We got extremely high then went grocery shopping. Ah, memories.

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