Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sensimil, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. Please correct the following errors and try searching again:

    · The departure date is too far in advance to confirm availability. Reservations may only be made up to 330 days in advance of actual travel.

  2. looks fine to me,,but im pretty stoned.
  3. i tried to search for plane tickets last night and the site I was searching, said that my request needed to be made 330 in advance.
    all it was, one-way to oregon from philly. anytime from this week to the end of feb. 330 days in advance? i thought tickets were cheap and readily available seeing as the countrys situation
  4. It says reservations may only be made UP TO 330 days in advance. Are you sure you searched this year?
  5. probably not...
  6. as you can probably tell, I have these kind of problems alot ;)
  7. yeah, apparently these planes dont leave earth. pssssssh...
  8. You know what I need to invent? A plane wher the inside passenger part move individually from the outside part like one of those eyeball things that you can roll across the floor but they always stay looking straight up. That way there would be less disturbanceto the passengers from turbulence and turning and stuff.
  9. youve done salvia havent you...
  10. ARe you implying that i'm fucked up, because you don't need to rub it in. ;)
  11. Also, why do they have programable buttons on all CD ploayers for your favorite stations, but not on the TV remote?

  12. never!

    i was on that plane when the extract took me under

  13. ok maybe sometimes you are fucked up! LMAO

    they do have that! lol
  14. I'm always fucked up ;)

    p.s. Okay so maybe I just need to get a new TV, I have a pretty nice oone but I guess it's just not newfangled enough.
  15. as long as comedy central is on and I come too too watch the daily sho w, im content
  16. as long as comedy central is on and I come too to watch the daily sho w, im content
  17. wow its like you two have your own little world then i vome in and fuck it up. god dam it! i always have to mess everything up! im so stupid!stupid!stupid!stupid! ow.

  18. are you talking about me? and me?

  19. Okay, but when it's over you're getting up to change the channel because My remote dissapeared a couple of months ago so I usually just leave my tv on 54 because law and order is always on.

  20. how long is it from a chair to the tv (preferably nearest to tv, if that isnt like "YOUR" chair or anything..)

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