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    Hey! So I just wanted to share this new homemade piece i made and get some opinions on it. I recently was thinking of different pieces I could smoke out of excluding anything with harmful vapors (plastic, etc.), so I saw this dried out baguette of bread. I figured I'd try to make use of it, so i poked a nice hold in the middle top and one on the end that met in the middle; no carb. I then took a straw right at the end of the bread at the hole and taped it with some duck tape. Needless to say it hits smooth, and doesn't emit a lot of smoke, perfect for the indoor toke. Let me know what you guys think!
     And what crazy bowls, or bongs has any one made?

  2. Sounds awesome can you post some pictures of it?
  3. Photo on 1-20-14 at 1.44 PM #2 2.jpg
    here ya go just some simple stuff, its hits really nice and perfect little sized bowl
  4. haha that looks so cool
    you make it just cause you didn't have anything else to smoke out of?
  5. Hahaha what the fuck.I don't even know what to say other than wtf.Omega369 :wave:
  6. Did almost the same thing with a cucumber last summer, it was awesome
  7. Just out of boredom simply! :3 
  8. Do you get high though??

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  9. Yeah for sure better than expected.
  10. I don't reckon. Never seen nothin like it

  11. Lol it looks ridiculous but heyyyy if it does the trick why not!! I like smoking out of different fruits, coconut being my favorite piece to use.
  12. Oh and by the way when I first noticed the thread title "bread bowl" I thought we were discussing about soup bowls from Atlanta Bread lol
  13. This is why I love stoners.

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