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  1. My best plant so far... I've been trying the Durban Poison, which also made it outdoors with great yield here in the tropics!

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  2. Sweeeeeet pic DM!! :smoking:

  3. I began in last november, so this is my second harvest. i got some new pictures in my buddy's place, and i will try to post them tonight! Durban has nice hairs, easy grow, dense buds and one unique sativa high. Ive been mixing a tablespoon of sugarcane juice (natural, i grow that too in the backyard) in 1 liter of water, which made crystals improve and also made it taste so great!

    this is only 4 weeks into flowering!

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  4. Geebus!! That's a Beautiful thing to behold!!! :hello: :smoking:
  5. That first pic is nice closeup....enjoy the DP..may your grow be well...peace

  6. one word for you (chronic)
  7. Dude nice work. I am also a producer of durban, for about a year. What is the wattage rating of your sodium? My stuff looked like that under a 400. Four weeks ago I installed a 1000 and my harvest tripled. I mean all plants needed to be supported. Nice idea with the sugercane juice.
  8. i use 250 w, but only one plant made it this time, and im getting a more powerfull one soon, but first need more space! the space i have available can fit 6 plants that size. im posting new pictures soon as im harvesting tomorrow, check it out!

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