Brazilian girl sells her virginity

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ProfessorX, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. honestly I hope she gets some money

    but her face is square looking
  2. If she let me smash second I'll hit her up with 2 dubs of some fire mid
  3. Honestly, how else is someone in her position going to get that kind of money, and she has good intentions, so I hope she gets a call from Bill Gates or something.
  4. thats sad yo she gotta sell her pussy to help her mom
  5. Yeah that's true man. They are bidding for the girl, they are at 26k euro if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Only if I had the money... haha
  7. No thanks 26k can get me a lot of real good escorts
  8. I got 5 bucks and a best buy gift card thats my final offer.
  9. This girl is a whore.

    I see her with the same eyes I look at prostitutes with.

    She is selling her body for money = Prostitute.
  10. Indeed. If I would have the chance to take a girls virginity, I might take it just one last time.. But I wouldn't drop a big stack for it, would give her a few drinks and a drive home like any other girl.
  11. if it was for a good cause and i had money like that why not!
  12. I wouldnt even tap her for free, shes fugly
  13. I know, right? Wierd face, weird body.

    That first babe was pretty hot though. The one she basically copied.
  14. Thinking about it I could hire a bunch of floozys and have a private party, would turn out helluva lot better than having just one virgin
  15. [quote name='"420rowdyguy"']This girl is a whore.

    I see her with the same eyes I look at prostitutes with.

    She is selling her body for money = Prostitute.[/quote]

    How did you loose your virginity..? I sold it.
  16. Really thats the most rational thing you can do with your virginity since it's not really special anyway.
  17. curious, how much is the gift card?:smoking:
  18. i don't like this bitch.

    at first i felt bad for her, cos you know, no one that young should have those kinds of burdens. but halfway thru the video it said she was offered to have her moms medical expenses paid for if she dropped the deal. her greedy ass pretty much says "no, i want a new life, house and some other shit too"

    fuck that bitch. i hope no one buys her now.

    i'd tap that reporter though ;)
  19. I like how all the people in her town throw coins at her for being a prostitute.:laughing:

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