Brazilian Carnival

Discussion in 'General' started by Maconheiro, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Nice to see brazilian members around! I lived for five years in Brasilia and I fell in love with that city (the lake is amazing). I regret not going to a 'carnaval' in Rio or Bahia, it most be a fantastic experience. I always wonder, is there much weed going around during carnival (at least healthier than the lança-perfumes they used in the past)?

  2. yeah, usually it gets harder to find around carnival,

    no big deal tho

    nice! I love Brasilia too, that's where I live... sooo good to be here

    perfect city for a stoner... every two blocks there's a hugh ass grass camp, some 500 yd. long square

    it's very common to find a lot of people bakin in the middle of this open parks

    some of 'em have some trees

    lots of green, lots o' grass, plants, trees, birds

    lots of weed!

    lots of crazy people... we brasilians from Brasilia are known

    for the amounts of ganja smoked in the local college (where i study)...

    we even get this rooms inside the campus where nobody

    but students are allowed, and any time of the day

    there will be some joints going arround

    if you ever stop by, let me know, lets burn a few

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