Bravo walgreens

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  2. Get some tampons did ya? You a tampon thief?
  3. ^that is exactly what I need and it needs to be in all stores like this. lol
  4. I like this better.
  5. Tampons and a payday?
  6. this thread...

  7. I don't get it they're tampons at walgreens. Am I suppose to be excited? Impressed? Idk, someone tell me.
  8. Paydays and kit kats. At least that's what I thought
  9. No, for the tampons and the chocalate to be located in the same place at the store.
  10. Ohhhhh...I didn't even see those lol. Ok now I see, bravo indeed walgreens.
  11. woman love their sweets when they're bleeding out!

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