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  1. I think I posted my previous thread in a wrong section, forgive me. :smoke:

    So I'm new to smoking and I thought I'd get a brass pipe. This one looks nice and is cheap: Brass Pipe: Kitchen & Home: BP. Would it be good?
  2. yeah brass is fine but id suggest getting a glass bowl it is just a better quality smoke, but i myself have a brass pipe for when i need a stealth peice
  3. Yeah, that's probably right, but I still live with my parents and don't have much room for that. I'm thinking about a brass pipe, a glass pipe, or smoking joints. Also, how often do you need to exchange the screen filters in the brass pipe?
  4. Get a regular glass pipe. You won't regret it. It won't have a funky taste like metal and they aren't very expensive. Look for the kind that are called "spoons"
  5. I heard it's easy to breath in the hot leftovers from weed when using a glass pipe. Is that true?
  6. Yeah, but that's pretty much the case with any dry pipe. You can put a screen in there to keep stuff from falling through, or you could just get it all resined up and that will help also.
  7. Okay, thanks. ;) Do brass pipes really give the metal taste? Or do you just need to replace the filters often? Also, what kind of filter would I need for a glass pipe? Sorry for my newbie questions, but I actually am a newbie. :rolleyes:
  8. There are no filters in metal pipes. they're pretty much the same thing as a glass pipe except they are slightly different shapes and different materials. Any kind of metal will give off a taste, you may not really notice it, but if you were comparing the two side by side you definitely would.

    As for screens, I recommend getting either stainless steel ones(cheap), titanium ones (relatively very expensive) or you could try to find a really small glass screen at your local head shop that would fit over the hole in your pipe.
  9. But brass pipes do stop the hot weed from getting to your mouth, don't they?
  10. That's a negative.
  11. Seriously? What are the filters for then?
  12. The "filters" that people are talking about in those reviews are metal screens. You can put those in any kind of pipe to keep ash and burning weed from going into your mouth. You just drop them into the bowl and make sure they cover the hole.
  13. Something that looks more like this : Double Blown Heavy Duty Glass Pipe for sale

    I've never seen one like the one you posted, but this style of pipe is the most popular.

    or the one you posted might be a chillum, I can't really tell.
  14. Yeah, my friends use simply glass tubes like those. :p I just don't want to spend much on it, but I'll look for the one you posted. Thanks a lot. ;)
  15. [quote name='"Draggy"']But brass pipes do stop the hot weed from getting to your mouth, don't they?[/quote]

    Yes they do you will never get hotrocks with a brass spike pipe.
  16. Wow there are a lot of children on this website....Although I'm sure he's done some growing up. There's really no sense in replying to a question asked 9 years ago though.....
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  17. LOL that is from before even when I arrived. We used to pass out Attaboys for digging up threads like this one.


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