Brand spankin new. *Phire Glass* *RooR a/c*

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    I picked this up today after going to my local headshop 3 times on the weekend trying to decide on a new piece. $180 for the Phire tube and RooR a/c. This is a really great price from the head shops in my area. I feel bad that I didn't tip the guy who gave me the discount:(. Anyway here are the pics what are your opinions on the quality of the glass? I have my opinion about Phire but people seem to think it's cheap glass. So heres Phire compared to RooR


    And how about this view! :D
    And while I'm uploading the stuff on my memory card here is my 10 week old Lab
  2. That's a pretty sick tube I have the same a/c for my 14" Roor and it keeps it so clean. How is the drag on that bad boy?
  3. dammmmn for 180??

    thats a great piece this really makes me wanna go buy some glass
  4. The hit is really weird. It comes up in huge bubbles and kind of sloshes so I guess it drags a lot. But it's not bad at all its actually really sick. The skinny tube lets the ice cool it really well too. Awesome to watch too I need to get a milk shot vid so you can see what it looks like.

    I'm stoned off one hit if anyone was wondering
  5. Damn man my buddy has the same peice and i plan on hitting it on friday night?
  6. you got a dome perc? in your other thread you said you got an inline!

  7. ?

    TY to all who replied!
  8. nice glass and im really envious of your puppy
  9. Jeslyn will be missed
  10. u got a rllyy good price on tht phire...i have one maybe less tall and its rlly thick fucking glass
  11. looks like a great pickup for only 180... theres only 1 real headshop here and something like that would prolly be 300+
  12. dope shit
    im tryin to get either a Toro(if i can find one in central FL) or a RooR with a Wildrok A/C...if wildrok will ship me one of their inlines...bout to email them to find out
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    what up *****

    I didn't see your first post.

    Lookin forward to you coming down to smoke the new piece

    Let me know if you're trying to get on UFC man.
  14. your white^ dont say nigg a makes you look dumb.
    nice bong

  15. QFT :hello:
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    1. Noted.

    2. TY :D

    The original price was around 300 with the A/C. The guy who sold it to me really hooked up the price for me.
  17. great bong, great view, and a cool dog. +rep fo sho.
  18. i almost bought that exact same tube about 2 weeks ago. coulda got it for $200 w/ a local blown a/c, but i didnt have the extra $50 to spend so i went w/ a local blown perced beaker.
  19. Damn thats a badass tube. I would definitely take that over a roor, whatever i get im puttin an inline ac on.
  20. Nice pick up! I think my next tube is going to be a stemless.

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