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  1. This is my first grow, but ive invested good money into lights and seeds and now i want to invest in some great nutrients for soil growth. I Have a ph tester comming shortly so i will be able to tell where im at. But any recommendations from some seasoned veteran growers for nutrients the brands, NPK ratings would be greatly appreciated!
    I am going into my 3 week of growth and already have some yellowing on the leaves which i think may be due to over watering. Using an 8 bulb florecent sunsystem light right now with 6 6500k blubs and 2 3500k. I plan on getting a 1000watt switchable ballast so i can use a MH blub for the last few weeks of veg growth then switch to the hps for flowering. hoping to harvest 12 total girls

    thanks for any help!!
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  2. Foxfarm Grow Big for vegging.
    Foxfarm tigerbloom and Big Bloom for Flowering.
    you can even get foxfarm ocean forest potting soil. that stuff is the tits.
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    Absolutely agree with Tx on the Ocean forest. But don't feed for at least 4 weeks if u go with that.

    I LOVE Botanicare's line of nutes. My veggie's haven't look so good since using Pure Blend Grow & Liquid Karma.

    ::From their FAQs page::
    Q: Which American Agritech products are completely organic?
    A: Liquid Karma, Pureblend, Pureblend Pro, Clearex, and Activit are each completely organic.

    But really any of the hydro shop type nutes will help i'd say.
  4. The 2 posters above ^^ are right thats good stuff, Im on my first fun and i'm using Humboldt nutes, Master A&B and prozyme for veg and add in Ginormous when you start flowering. I also use honey ES (pretty much mollasses) for flowering but its not neccesary. and humboldt nutrients ph balance each other out when you mix them 2gether. good luck bro
  5. Thanks for all the info! Def going to check out the fox farm soil there is a place in the town over that may carry it! Have any of you ever tried the tie down method and topping to create more bud sites? i'm looking to get the most amount of bud possible this first harvest. ive read that topping and tying down some of the stems can create more light to the plant and ultimatly create bigger healthier nug. How tall should i let them get before doing this. Would you even recommend it??
  6. tying down can begin when the plant is 4 inches tall. when topping you want your plant to be strong enough and vigorous enough to handle the cuts. both can increase yields if done properly. as for the nutes, the fox farm line is very easy to use. i would also include the 3 pack of fox farm soluables. it includes open sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha ching. the soluables are flowering enhancers, they will swell up your buds and give excellent resin, trichome, and oil production. well worth the 90 bucks, and they give you enough to last for several small to medium sized grows. :D
  7. THIS!! Also, the soluables should last... forever. Unless you're a commercial grower, you can expect a couple year's worth out of them.

    All I can say about FF products is they are amazing. I've never been able to burn my plant's using them, and they just produce amazing results.

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