Brand of tobacco (when rolling a spliff)

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  1. If you're rollin a good ole spliff/half-tobacco J, what brand of tobacco do you normally go with to throw in that paper along with your bud?

    I'm lookin to start rolling spliffs and not just 100% bud J's
  2. Do you normally smoke ciggs?

    If you do, you already have an idea of what you like. Turkish blends? Full flavor or lights?
    Menthol? Halfwarez Shag is a great rolling tobacco that I use in my spliffs. It's a bit more expensive than other rolling baccy but it is well worth it.
  3. Cutters choice , every time...
    DRUM blue for fags though
  4. who the fuck would do this? I would slap some one if I saw them do this. this is dumb.

  5. Wow tool, this is an extremely common thing to do especially in Europe. Tons of tokers do this.
  6. uses less weed, smokes a lill slower and more even, and for ppl that like that taste, tastes better...

    personally not a fan, but that's cause i've never smoked a cig

  7. for real, expand ur horizons. i have known people from france, ireland, and sweden who smoke like this. its actually bomb and i dont even smoke cigs. hash + fire + quality tobacco (or clove tobacco) = bomb spliff make sure to roll it in a cone and put a paper filter on it.

  8. I have done it before with grape tobacco, and the experience was terrible. harsh, bad taste, and I didn't even get high.

    like I said, if I ever saw some one do it (unless they didn't have enough tree to roll a joint, and didn't have a bowl) I would slap them. plain and simple. :smoking:
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    Get a pouch of blue American Spirit rolling tobacco, I used to buy a pouch of the red American Spirit tobacco strictly for spliffs but now I don't because I try to stay away from tobacco.
    The red pouch had a stronger flavor that most of my friends didn't like but I loved so I would suggest the blue pouch to try cause it has a milder taste. There also all natural and additive free. Mann I miss spliffs:cry:
  10. Can we not turn this into a "spliffs suck" thread? If you don't like spliffs, there's no need to say so in here. As my mother always said, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    I smoke drum blue in my ciggs but I don't like it as much in a spliff. The taste seems too strong. Try American Spirit, as has been suggested.
  11. Bad ass, party of one?

    Your table's ready.
  12. When i smoke spliffs i usually just break open one of my camel turkish gold cigarettes. probably not the best but it is rare for me to smoke spliffs.

  13. lol, that was funny :hello:
  14. i thought so...and nice

  15. :) .
  16. i do this daily , and if you slapped me i gaurantee i would snap your neck off son...

    back on topic what are the main brands of tobacco in the US? like the top 4 that EVERYONE smokes
  17. I prefer american spirit for spliffs. I don't like it in cigs so i'm not tempted to smoke since I quit, and it burns the slowest. Also, it preserves the taste of the bud really well.
  18. and im 99% sure thats china.... lulzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. whenever i decide to roll spliffs i usually go out and buy zigzag tobacco the blue pouch is my favorite one and it always comes with free rolling papers so u dont needith buy any to roll joints!

  20. i was sarcastic, zong sucks.

    sorry mr loud, i don't like zongs, i think they're shit, :eek:

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