Brand new Wu-Tang over a motherfucking Beatles sample, shits classic Wu

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. The Wu is back with crack!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant beleive the fact that they cleared a beatles sample

    mods please dont move this to the grave yard(music hall) for a couple hours or so i know theres alot of Wu fans on here and they gotta hear this

    The heart gently weeps

  2. good lookin fam

    track's hot, and thats one of my favorite beatles songs too
  3. I don't have the appropriate plugin, and it won't download it for some reason.

    Happen to have the .mp3 link?
  4. Enjoy bro!
  5. i just smoked a bowl and seen THIS, song is coo. Might have to grow on me, cant wait for the album. been a wu fan for a while. I remember seeing them in the house of blues pre odb death and shit was DOPE. Couple of us got backstage with some herb and had a coo time. Meth is the shit though, laidback duke pha sho. Ahh the memory's
  6. hell yea i listened to this earlier today

    ghostface killah is comin in like a week to play a free concert at my school shits gonna be sick
  7. Before i get missunderstood, I love Wu and my love for the Beatles is second to none. BUT, I am getting sick of samples... it seems like people are losing there originality. Anyone else feel the same?
  8. Yes. It's like, sure rap takes a lot of talent, but stealing melodies from other artists is just plagiarism in my book.

    That new Kanye West song "Stronger" is just Daft Punk's original song....butchered, with a new beat and lyrics.

    Wu-Tang is awesome, but this song....yea, I dunno. Make up your own melodies, don't steal them from others.
  9. Ahhh Huge Wu fan..but this HAS to grow on me. I'm not feelin this and the other "Watch Yo Mouth" single..Watch yo mouth beat was just bad and just didn't connect and this one is just plain soft

    This track is nice though, i like it in many ways. Ghostface already did this beat acutally..i'm not sure if it was a song or a skit but i def. remember hearing it
  10. elevator music?
  11. Yeah Wu-Tang is the shit and everyone knows it. You can't respect any rap without respecting the WU.

    So true about that Kanye West shit though. I can't say I've listened to any of his songs (on purpose). Whats up with all these new shitty.. rappers or r&b singers or whatever the fuck they call themselves?? Like these T-pain and akon people. GO AWAY. Actually, dont. 'cause I dont listen to the radio anyway!
  12. nobody else is feelin it? i guess im in the minority cuz ive just been sitting here blazing/drinkin brews and listening to this shit on repeat for like 15 minutes, and this is some classic fucking Wu, everybpdy killed their verse and RZA killed the beat...........and props to them for being the first people ever to clear a Beatles sample
  13. if you like Beatles' samples in rap, you might wanna check this out
  14. Im not a fan of these kind of songs at all. However, Wu is the fuckin shit.
  15. Fucking love the Wu-Tang Clan, saw em live july 28th :D:D:D

    This shits dope. Nice find
  16. I like the wu but that song sucked!

  17. oh i already got the grey album and am a huge HOV fan, but thanks

    im surprized by all the negative feedback, it might just take few listens before you get into it, but to each his own

    IMO this is some classic Wu, and thats coming from a fan that has damn near their whole catalogue
  18. Classic wu is some hardcore gangsta shit, that song is not gangsta
  19. I think it sounds kinda cool. I like most of Wu Tangs other stuff better but this is an intresting combination, kind of an experiment. By the way anyone else here from Seattle see Wu at bumbershoot?
  20. says the man with the user id of a "2 week span and gone" rapper

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