brand new to vaping. please help

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  1. hi everyone. i am new to vaping. been at it about 3 weeks now. i smoked 2 packs a day of newport red 100S and i was a smoker for 20 yrs. i bought a used evic vt from a for sale site on facebook months ago. but knew nothing about it. i vaped on it a few days but then it just stopped vaping. i put it in a drawer and was really pissed off thinking i got ripped off. but i really wanted to quit smoking so a few months later i went out and bought a brand new cool fire 4 plus with a isub g tank. the evic has a aspire alantis i think it is. anyway. i started out with 12mg nic lvl e juice from a brand called vapor state thats sold in a shop new me. the 12 mg was harse and seemed a bit strong for me. i went online and found mech sauce and ordered a few bottles. my first order i got some 6 mg which i think is to low so i ordered the next step up in their options which is 9mg. but i still seem to be vaping way to much juice. and iam burning up coils after about a week. all the vape shops around me tell me the coils should last me two to three weeks. i am doing something wrong? when i first got my cool fire i took the tank off and put it on my evic to see if that helped and it vaped great. i guess the coil completely burned out and it stopped vaping and would go into temp control lock . i went out and bought a new coil for the tank that came with it and it works fine. so i have a few questions. 1. which mod should i keep? my girl wants to buy one of them off me. ( she likes the e vic vt because of the wrap thats on it). 2 . why am i burning so much e juice ? ( 140-180ml a week.) 3. why am i burning up the coils so fast. 4. is there a better, cheaper site to buy e juice? iam pretty happy with mech sauce. but they are the only site i have tried so far. thanks for reading. please remember i am very new to this. so please give any advice in layman terms. the only vape shop around me have a bunch of hipsters in it that sit around vaping all day and act too cool to explain anything to a noob.

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