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  1. Hey guys whatsup? Other than growing about 4 inches of a plant one time, I have little knowledge on growing marijuana, and just recently I purchased 5 feminized mauie wowie, and 5 feminized white widow seeds. Can somebody just give me the rundown on what materials I'll need/that are best for my crop. I was thinking of staying more towards flourescent lighting due to the low heat output, but if you suggest MH over it, I'm all for it. My growing room will be a closet.
  2. Read all the stickys here. There's lots of folks here that know what there doin.
    It's all about trial n error. So I dunno if u want your first shot to be on those wonderful white widow seeds. Maybe try some bag seed first?

    Lighting: Do some CFLs and see how ya like those. Remember tho, equivalent wattage is not actual wattage so watch out for that. Another good deal that I'm currently using is a 150W HPS. Low heat output, 16,000 lumens, great for 1-2 plants and I use mine for both veg and flowering stage.

    Soil: Of course everyone recommends Fox Farms but u can also just get some good organic, PH balanced soil that'll be fine. As long as it doesn't have time-released ferts, ya should be good!

    Nutrients: Dont skimp on these! For a begining def try Fox Farms GrowBIG for veg stage and BIGBloom for flowering. Use half the dose recomened on back of bottle tho. (Dont need to use 1/4, just 1/2) These nutes r pretty forgiving so again, as a newbie, u should be fine.

    Cannabis is a very strong and durable plant. So unless your tryin to kill it, it should grow. There's nothing better then choping down your hard work and enjoying the fruit of an amazing plant!
  3. Yep, do what he said. There is a TON of info here, especially the stickies.

    In addition, check out the grow journal forums here, look for a setup similar to what you want to do. The journals usually have all the details in them, so you can see exactly what you are getting yourself into. Read up for a few days or a few weeks (I spent 3 months reading before i started my grow, I read while I assembled my equipment). You will find most of the answers you are looking for, then can come back and ask the few remaining unanswered questions that will tie everything together.

    Good Luck. :smoke:

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