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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by a V a R a T i X, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post. I recently aquired some bag seed from some good mids i got. My question is, do you think my grow box is suitable from either ScrOG, or SOG? Here's what I have. As of now, 3/4 germinated, 2/4 sprouted, and 1 died of shock (I touched it by accident). Now, I have 2 flouros, a Cool White and "Red" White. For my box I used and old computer desk that had a shelf and modded it, so the dimensions are about 18"H, 24"L, 16"W. I have the front open, but covered up by a removable white tagboard glued to a cardboard box. The inside is lined with aluminum foil and I have 2 80mm Computer fans for intake and out take. So, with 18" of height, will I have enough room for the plants to grow big enough to start flowering? I really cant get an HPS or MH, but I could possibly steal one from the side of a building, or a street light. Any suggestions would help. Oh, by the way, this is a VERY stealthy grow box in my closet. My dimensions for my closet are about 8'ft tall, 6'ft wide, and 4' deep. I will try and take some pics today.

  2. 18" isnt much to work with..... cant you use the whole closet? but yeah, with the right technique you could pull it off.
  3. I'm affraid I cant use my whole closet. It's too risky, I think my dad is on to me, and if someone opened my closet, I'd be dead. I want something VERY discreet.. Thanks.
  4. i've got something about that size running out of an old speaker.Just make sure you get enough light for em and dont over water(i have around4.5k lumens worth).. i'll let you know in about a month. when you get this setup start a grow journal so we can compare notes on these clever little buggers =)

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