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  1. Im brand new to the whole growing concept and need advice on how to grow with nutrients and how to do the whole ph thing since from what ive heard you need both on point if you want a good harvest. If someone could walk me through this and anything else you need to start growing that would be awesome. Thanks:smoke:
  2. Why don't you first tell us a basic plan/idea ie what your going to use lights hydro or soil what medium it all matters in the sense that we don't know your strains how much your trying to spend how big your grow area is light nothing

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  3. I'll try to help based on what I do.

    I personally use GH Flora series nutes.
    for a "soil" mix I use 1 part perlite, 1 part EWC, and 1 part Promix HP

    I PH my water and nutrient solution to 6.5 PH and do a Feed-water-water schedule.

    I personally recommend fabric pots such as the Smart Pot or Root Pouch as it allows air pruning of roots so your plants don't get rootbound and makes overwatering pretty damn hard.

    when you start out feed 1/4 strength nutes, then 1/2 then 3/4 then full stength.

    anything else?
  4. How often should i water with a smart pot?
  5. With any pot I recommend not to water on a schedule.

    Wait until it drys out and then water.
    a good tip to prevent overwatering is to hand weigh it when it's dry and when it's wet, and you'll know when it needs water as its REALLY light when its dry
  7. What type of lights do you plan on using?
    How big is your grow area going to be?
    Do you know what strain you'll be growing?
  8. O
    1 more thing, which flora do you recommend, floragro, floramicro, or florabloom
  9. With CFLs you can get pretty close to the plants. Mine are 1/2 inch away.

    You can test the distance by putting your hand where the plant is for 30 seconds, if it's too hot for you it's too hot for the plant.

    and if 1x1 you mean 1 ft by 1ft that is WAY too small. Your plant will outgrow it, not to mention the pot itself will take up about half of that space.

    A good compact grow size would be around 4 ft in height 2 in depth and about 2-3 ft wide.
  10. The flora series is a 3 part nutrient mix meaning you'll NEED all 3 of those.

    You mix different amounts of each of them for the different stages of the plant growth
  11. [​IMG]
    Here is the Drain to waste feed chart for the flora series. You can see here what I mean about needing all 3.

    This shows also 6 other nutrients in the gh line but those aren't needed

    You'd be best getting GH flora, micro, and bloom and also if you can get CaliMagic which is a good calmag supplement. You'll also NEED PH up and PH down so you can adjust your PH when you water and feed as nutrients will get locked out with the wrong PH.

    When mixing the nutrients never mix the concentrated forms as it will cause precipitate to form.

    Add Micro first to the water and mix thoroughly, then gro and mix thoroughly, and finally add bloom and mix thoroughly. After mixing test your PH and add PH up or PH down based on the reading.

    If using tap water, let it sit out open for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate out
  12. Ok thanks so much for the help moosemusic with this i think ill be able to start growing btw the strain im going to grow is og kush
  13. Awesome choice. OG is a really short and bushy plant so you should be good with a smaller space. It has a bit of a longer flowering time by 1 week. It's a really sensitive strain though. It's known to be susceptible to powdery mildew so just be on the watch for that. If your grow area conditions are optimal though, it will grow like wildfire
  14. Alright I think I'm set. Thank you so much for the help
  15. Best of luck.

    You should make a journal of your grow, so if issues pop up the community can help. Plus I'd love to see how it goes :3
  16. Will do!
  17. Completely wrong. If you want a good harvest with an indoor grow setup, it's about LIGHT. Nutes are nothing more than basic plant food and are the same components regardless of how pretty the label is or how much they cost. Same old magnesium, calcium, etc. just repackaged to make money. A simple soil grow is going to be your best bet. Buy a good formulated grow soil so your mix is correct for drainage and these soils are also chocked full of what the MJ plant needs.

    If you really want to grow inside and have it be a success, you have much work to do other than just posting a question on a forum. You need to do the research about what method you wish to go with....wouldn't start out on hydro unless you have someone who can help you out, where your grow will be located and the space you have to work with. Once you know how much space you have to work with, you have to put together the grow space. Most people have a veg area and a flowering space...preferably separate of each other so you can run continually. How many plants you can flower isn't determined by the available space you have. Actually, you should only flower as many plants as you have flower lighting to support. Each plant in flower needs the highest wattage and correct spectrum for flowering you can give them and light and plant need to be as close as you can manage without light burn to get big dense buds. Having to raise your light to cover more plants just means your plants will likely stretch because all are robbed of light. If you have flower lighting to handle one plant, then flower only one plant. You'll get more weight at harvest that way.

    But before you start, take the time to find a reliable source and figure out all this stuff. Once you have a better understanding of the whole gig, then you can come back and ask questions about stuff. This is not something cheap to do when done right and it requires constant attention by the grower to manage it all. Even a closet grow is a big investment for most people simply because of the necessary lighting. There's a pretty big learning curve because there are so many different aspects to it.....learning to care for the plant, learning how to manage your equipment to get the best harvest, learning what you actually need in a grow room, figuring out whether to go with soil/hydro/etc. Unless you take the time to actually educate yourself, you'll likely end up wasting cash on stuff you don't need and having a really hard time if you've never done this before. Lots of good videos on YouTube too. For a soil need a good quality grow soil, light and water.....and understand how to tend the plant and carry it through it's phases of life. It's certainly not rocket science, but you've got to have at least a basic understanding of the whole concept. And put the emphasis on flower lighting you're putting on nutes if you want a real harvest from a plant. Best of luck. I guess it took us a good year to get the setup together we wanted and it up and operating. We're not wealthy people and had to do it a piece at a time. But if we can do it, anybody can. Just learn as much as you can about what you're going to try and do. Happy Growing. TWW
  18. Thanks the widow white
  19. Thanks mick foster, this really helps:D
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