Brand new to Growing, Looking for advice?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Syphonic, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Hi all,
    I am new to growing, I think I am doing farilywell so far I am pretty sure I have all females but I am not 100% sure on that.. I have a whack of pictures I have been taking since I potted the seedlings a month and a bit ago. I am gonna upload a bunch of the pictures with this post.

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  2. unless you flipped to 12/12 really early it will be unlikely you can tell the sex yet welcome to the city buddy
    things are looking good so far good job :)
  3. If you don't have feminized seeds your ratio will be about 50/50 male/female.
    What is your lighting? The plants are very stretched indicating either the light is not strong enough or too far away.
  4. Even if you get a female . . .
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  5. Yeah I dontknow if they are fem'd seed's 5 of them I pulled outta some flower I smoked a few months back. they are in a Outdoor greenhouse, I dont have any artificial lights for them :( .... My backyard only gets about 50% sunlight due to some very large pine trees. I took some better pics of each of my plants and a better group shot.

    Thanks for all the info..

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  6. I am concerned that I may have them in too small of pots? can you grow to harvest in pots? and if so that would be better for me since I could move them to follow the sun?
  7. I’m a bit confused by your question.
    But I’d definitely give them a transplant before flowering :)

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  8. answers my question thanks
  9. I would transplant now lol

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  10. Thanks will do
  11. I moved them today to new larger size pots I am going to upload some new pics tomorrow my one plant is almost 3ft tall now and is starting the flowering process (I think). they are still staying in the greenhouse, for now, relative humidity is between 50-65% on average, Temps range between 29 and 38 degrees Celsius (82 - 100 fahrenheit).
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  12. My plants in their new homes :)

    Is there any way to tell the sex of the plants yet or do I still have to wait longer?

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  13. 3rd is a male. Others can’t really tell with the photos / or they’re not mature yet
  14. Thanks, Yeah I thought that one was a male as well, the other 5 I still can't tell yet. I will keep uploading new pictures every few days, that is if I can remember to do so.

    Thanks for all the help.

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  15. You need to get that out asap unless you want seeds on your other plants ..dont think twice if you see sacs do not pass go do not collect 200$! Chop it!

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  16. Okay, thanks will do gonna take it and get rid of it.
  17. Most recent photo's they are doing really well, I took them out of the greenhouse they were getting too crowded in there. I move them around the backyard to follow the sun during the day, at night I leave them alongside the house so as to get the mourning sun.

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