Brand new to growing! But plants look great!

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    Hey everyone, so I've seen some huge growth since early veggie stage and I want to know how/when I can determine the sex of the plant. Attached are some pictures, one shows how tall they are, the other shows the leaves.

    For weeks now I've only been giving these lovely plants 1-2 bottlecap-fulls of water/day. They are a nice shade of green and don't look thirsty. Any tips at this stage would be much appreciated =)



  2. You need to invest in nutrients. your plants should be a lush green, not lime green.

    Take a minute and familarize yourself with the stickys, There is alot of great info in there about sexing your plants. Depending on the type of plant it is will depend when it will show its sex, be patient young grasshopper you have a lil bit to go.
    p.s I am seeing alot of tin foil, Not good. Go to walmart and invest in an 'emergency blanket' its basicly mylar and its 3 bucks here where i am.
  3. They are stretching and need to be closer to the light. You should specify the light you're using, too.

    They could be transplanted very soon and get the extra stem down in the dirt. Don't overwater or the stems will rot. Soon, they will take off.

    Don't forget the nutes. They look short on Nitrogen.

    Good luck!
  4. yea they do look like there stretching and the stems are really weak from where i can see it. put the light closer and try tying the plants down the strengthen the stems
  5. Ya, how long have they been growing for? If it has been weeks id look for improvements for what your doing. Try keeping the light within a foot if your using less than a 400 watt hps. sexing can typically be one once a plant is switched into flowering, but it can also be told by the way it branches IMO. Ive noticed males tend not to branch out untill they have been topped. My females have always begun branching after about a two weeks of growth. But this isnt always the case, just know the strain your growing.
  6. Thanks so much guys! I'm using one 26W Flouro bulb (everyone I've asked said it's fine for now). The plants are in Supersoil (which I was told has nutrients), but I'll look into some extra food. Any suggestions for nutrient type (cheap and store-bought is preferable) =P

    I've been waiting until I can tell the sex to re-pot because I only plan on raising one of them (female) to flowering. Just the healthiest looking one lol.

    Also, the plants are a bit darker green in real life than the picture shows.

    Thanks again!
  7. I prefer general hydroponics nutes and Fox Farm soil.

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