Brand New Phire

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  1. Got my tax return and Friday was payday. I was feeling really good and decided that a nice bong would just make the day so much better.

    So me and my buddy drove up to the local head shop and I walked up and asked for something epic. Looked at a few bongs then he pulled this baby out and I went for it.

    Drove to my friends house, had about a bowl and a half then there was a little bit of geeking out. After that subsided I had the best high ever for a couple hours. Then we finished the 2nd bowl and packed another.

  2. what are the specs on it? looks pretty dark!

    Tree perc or dome? --- Chubbler?
  3. is that an external percolater there?
  4. looks good man.

    how much did she run ya?
  5. 225 for the Phire. The Stem Perc was 40. I also bought an additional bowl, (friends of mine have a bad habit of breaking bowls). After tax and all it was about 300.

    The bong and bowls are thick glass, so it is pretty solid, but it is still my VIP piece.
  6. Phire seems to be getting better and better...
  7. lol those external percs suck i have one and it always spills over >=[

    so i never use it i prob should just find someone who wants it

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