Brand New MJ Grow(er) Tips & Advice Wanted

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TrippyWigger, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Hi. TW here. This is going to be my first grow and any advice, tips, or training you could give to me would be very appreciated.

    What I'm Trying To Achieve:
    What I am trying to achieve with this grow, other than learning as much as I can, is a short, high-yield plant. Any advice on how I can achieve this is nice.

    *I will not be able to mess with temperature or humidity*

    The "Equipment" Being Used:
    2 "Desk Lamps"

    1 Normal Lamp

    1 Clamp Lamp
    2 100w-Equivalent CFLs
    2 60w-Equivalent LEDs
    1 Pint of Fox Farm Tiger Bloom
    12 Qts of Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    Cool Magnifying Glass
    Ph-Testing Thing
    Ph-Down Acid Stuff
    1 Small Fan

    *If There is anything I should add or remove feel free to let me know but keep in mind I am on **about** a $70 a week budget*

    Grow "Location":
    I will be growing the plants in a "normal" sized Rubber-Maid tub with tin foil all around the inside with the lights coming down on different angles towards and around the plant. I would like to add that I am in the IL area and it is June.

    Though I haven't even scratched the surface of what there is to know about good 'ol Mary Jane I did some decent research and saw some things about being able to TOP, FIM, and do other things to make the plant a shorter high-yielding one. Well, I would also like some advice on that sort of thing.

    I think this is it on what you guys should know but if you have other questions feel free to ask or if you think I should change something completely, like grow outside, let me know. I will be beginning the grow either a couple days after this post or when I find a good enough household to keep it in.

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  2. Welcome TW! :)
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  3. What are you growing? Any pictures? They are very helpful. I don't think you need a normal lamp, if you mean a table lamp :)
  4. Thank you , thank you:thumbsup:

    I don't know what strain I'm going to be growing yet I'm going to be ordering them online though so if you have any suggestions for the best bang for my buck that would help. And I don't have some of the equipment yet but yes, I will post them now.
  5. Oh gosh, everyone will have their special place they get their seeds. I only started growing this year too and have only got some seeds from Nirvana. I don't know if its a good price compared to other places but the shipping was discreet and quick and the seeds are great.
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  6. I guess I'll check out a couple websites to see myself but first, Nirvana!

    Edit: Just checked out Nirvana and I already think I'm gonna have to go with their White Rhino:yay:
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    The only things you need right now are

    Seeds, solo cups and cfl lights or fluorescent tube light to Veg your seeds oh yeah and the dirt hahaha I need a nap
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  8. I think that your wattage is still going to be a little bit low. You're looking at actual wattage, not equivalent wattage
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  9. Welcome. Tin foil is no good. It actually isn't very reflective and cause hot spots. Get a can of flat white paint. Much better than foil and it's highly reflective. You could also use mylar. A space blanket or those windshield reflectors are a good choice. If you have a Dollar Tree around, they sell the windshield reflectors for a buck. You will have to address heat and humidity. Check out my journal. You'll see what heat will do. Where will the tote be put? Scent is going to be an issue too. What are you going to do for that? There are tons of seed banks. Your $70 weekly budget, is that your total budget, or what you have to dedicated to growing?
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    Well for the LEDs I'm looking at the actual which is 10w and for the CFLs they're 100w equivalent, though, yes this is still a low light level I'm pretty sure.

    Thanks for telling me that, I'll be sure to stop by and grab one of those windshield reflectors. As for where the tote will be put I am going to be taking it to (DISCREET LOCATION) where literally everyone grows weed and cops never come(I've only seen cops there once in the years I've been there). So because of that I don't think I'll have to worry about odor. About the $70 budget though that's just what I mean by how much I get a week, I haven't invested any money yet and have just grabbed things around the house and am getting paid as we speak so any suggestions is muy bueno. :) Oh, and I appreciate the welcome.
    EDIT: What would be your opinion on my lights right now?
  11. The only reason I say is because you can't really flower under 150w, even if you could I doubt it'd be worth it. Not being an ass, just don't want you to be disappointed
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  12. Yeah I know what you're sayin', I have 2 of the 100w CFLs though and 2 10w LEDs, which I just found out are equivalent to 60w. Do you think those 4 lights will be enough?
  13. I think it'd just about be fine but it's worth being aware that more light will directly translate to more and denser bud
  14. Cool, I just haven't been able to find any other sources to plug lights into. I'll remember that as I keep looking around my parents houses for supplies. I've been trying to save as much money as possible but if I need to I'll buy some better lights.
  15. I'd go for a nice drive and plant some seeds somewhere really hidden and come back to a nice crop.. cause your not going to get anything worth your trouble bro.
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  16. Although this is most-likely true I'm still going to try to grow it indoors. I might also grow outside though just as a backup and force-bud it if it starts to get too cold, you think that would be good?
  17. Summer over there now ? Unless you are also in Australia lol...I didn't really have the money either man but over 4 months I have finally got all my stuff together and ready for a nice grow - I suggest save a little and invest $300 (us$) then grow some good bud.
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  18. Yeah it's almost summer, just a few days now
  19. Agree with this 100%. If you're in a position to grow and it's something you think you'd be interested spend some actual money or you'll just end up buying everything again
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  20. Is there a good descriptive list of what I should be getting with said money?

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