Brand new magnetic ballast crapped out help me fix it?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Thicken Dense, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I'm not happy right now. I had to rewire this thing just to install it because the cords don't unplug, they're hardwired and getting them apart was a bitch and a half. It worked fine for 2 weeks after putting it in.

    I think I had a power surge, my timer stopped at 3 am when most of my equipment is off. Both the breaker on my power strip and electric box were tripped. My 250w magnetic ballast was not on a power strip, just a timer on a heavy duty extension cord (that stopped at 3am when lights were off). Timer still works fine.

    I can't seem to find a fuse in my ballast, only opened half of it. Can anybody help me? I'd like to fix it instead of sending it back, uninstalling and reinstalling is a pain.

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  2. Fuck it, I took it apart and boxed it up. The blueberry I was vegging from seed is coming up on 6 weeks so I moved her into flower, I was just hoping to take some clones and veg her some more before doing that.

    I'll be adding another surge protector to my wiring, and taking another inventory of all the amps I'm pulling with my equipment. I'll be ditching my a/c for a 400cfm vent fan soon, should pull less power, no?
  3. yeah, should always do exhaust before AC imho, with exhaust it removes all the stale air the plants already ate the CO2 from and replace it with CO2 rich air.

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