Brand New Luke Wilson a/c

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  1. VERY slick! I love it. I have a buddy with a similiar "chubbler" as you call it.. but it's by 'We The People Glass' out of somewhere in SE, PA. How tall is that catcher anyhow? 2"? or more...?
  2. 6 1/2 in. without bowl
  3. ah yea didn't even think of adding that distance on til I just looked at the pic again... (the stem pieces, I mean.. lol)
  4. Any smaller and it would pull the water I never really liked a/c's because of that but with this design it dosent have that problem.
  5. OMG! Very nice man, you are a lucky man.
  6. That was an insane milk man. Great pieces +rep
  7. Does that have a lot of drag?
  8. Took a while for you to clear that thing.
  9. Nice inline and f'ing sick a/c. Lovin it.
  10. Looks like alot of drag.
  11. In that shot I was use'n a snapper bowl with a single hole, I have since been use'n one of Luke's screen bowls those things just flow you really have to get use to volume of smoke those things give you. I'll post another vid of it later.
  12. You sure didn't clear it very well, is that due to the design ?
  13. there is clearly minimal drag as you can see when he first starts pulling...

    LW is a beast. nice pick up
  14. wah wah wee waa!
  15. looks like he was clearing it slowly for the camera but thats me.
  16. Ok here we go this should give you a better idea to the steezy action of this Luke Wilson badassness.:hello:

    [ame=""]Picture001.flv video by daslurk - Photobucket[/ame]
  17. ahh. nice man. +rep. luke wilson always kills it
  18. thts a nice fucking inline bro..hits very well i presume
  19. that a/c is sexy man... how did you go about getting that

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