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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ISmokeMyBlunt, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. I just planted some seeds today in a little box full of dirt with crushed egg shells. I keep it outside though so its in sunlight all day. There is cling wrap just on the top so it keeps it all moist for the mostpart but i still water it throughout the day. I just wanna know what am i getting myself into? How involved is this gonna be and how long will it take for me to actually gain a harvest? Ive been smoking for years and years but this is my trial growing and i'd like to know EVERY tip that anyone has if you dont mind...
  2. how big is the box u put the seeds in?u should only plant one seed per pot and make sure there are holes in the bottom of ur pot so ur plant dont get root rot....!and dont water everyday u will kill the plants just water every 3to4 days and it takes time to grow marijuana u have to get the plant thru seedling stage veg then flowering then u dry and cure and what not
    look for the grow guide under sid's sig u will need it
  3. i just strated growing my weed and its about an inch and it depends how much light is on it because u can dry it out specialy if u only water 3,4 days if u want them to grow faster put it in 14 hours of likegh and water 1 a day then ur plants will grow faster last time i didnt water them for 2 days they died and they turned real pale only when thier seeds they dont need that much water but once they star growing water them.... im out peace
  4. I've only grown a few times but what works best for me is whenever they're young keep them in fairly small pots (If you do want to put them in something (you can get ones made of peat moss at wal mart or zellers for like three bucks). Give them a little water every day and always make sure your soil's moist. When they get older they get all hard to kill you don't have to pay as much attention to them, when they're young they're weak especially if you're using shitty seeds.

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