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brand new grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by waterproofSQUiD, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. so my buddies and i finally got everything together for our grow the other day, we have all the equipment and finally got the lights we ordered of Friday, so we went out to our local medicinal dispensary and got 2 sour deisel clones. Were running 2 BB hydrponic systems by the way. we filled the buckets with water and nutrients put the clones in the net pots and filled the pots with hydroton pebbles, and finally turned the light and the air pump on. i'm super excited, we waiting for a while with the lights justabout 2 feet above the clones while the light warmed up for an hour and we came back and the clones had almost completly wilted. i was scared shitless, i figured it was the cold air out side, it was pretty cold by the time we got everything set up in our shed, and more then an hour later i checked on it again annd all the leaves were perky and fine, except for one kind of limp leaf, is that alright?

    I'm nervous cause this is my first grow, any input guys?

    ~Waterproof Squid

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