Brand new grinder and piece on carry on, through security. am I safe?

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  1. So I'm in Dublin with my family. I bought a Celtic style wooden piece and metal grinder (brand new). Were travelling through Europe with only carry ons. I know it'll be fine with TSA since its an unused tobacco grinder, but I can't have them pull it out because of my super crazy Nazi parents. It's going to be stored away in a really tight backpack in my toiletries bag stuffed with my clothes. Am I safe?
  2. I had a friend who got busted with just a piece because TSA said it was "paraphernalia". Super fucking lame! I've always freaked out about this. I guess if you have to travel with it make sure it's super hidden! Inside a sock stuffed in a corner? Or maybe try putting it in a empty bottle or something! Good luck...I want a legit celtic piece!! *jealous*
  3. It's not paraphernalia unless its been used for cannabis... "I use it for tobacco..." its totally clean and so totally legal. On top of that the pipe has been disassembled and put in my toiletries bag with razors and toothpaste and what not. The grinder is a little clock and just looks like a little jewelry holder. It's wrapped with other little gifts I've bought so that is a gift as well... and to be used for tobacco (as a plan b)...I'm not worried about the legality of the situation - just having my parents who already are on me like hounds, find out.
  4. Well, it seems like you got it figured out.
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    I know :( I'm just paranoid about my parents. They are worse than being detained in a foreign country
  6. I totally know what you mean about the parents! Mine don't even suspect I smoke cause I know that they'll freak the fuck out! So you're not alone. I always despised my friends that have hippie parents!!
  7. buy some pipe tobacco and put it in the bag as well.......... this way if they do pull it out it won't look near as suspicious

  8. Thats not a bad idea. There is a decent chance they will pull it out if they search the bag, but they may just do a scan, it just depends on luck. Its hard to call, but that sounds like the best chance you have is to have it all stored, and have some pipe tobacco with it, though I dont know the tax law on tobacco, I believe its taxed, so you could just say its for tobacco.
  9. Btw guys... made it through France and Belgium to the states totally unscathed. I saw the guy looking at my crack pipe style piece and my grinder through the scanner thing, so I explained to him it was for tobacco and they let me through each time, no prob.

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