Brand new dub with thermal shock crack...suggestions? :'-/

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  1. So I just picked up a new piece the other day and it's definitely the nicest one I've ever owned.

    The only problem is that because of its size, it gets pretty dirty pretty fast, and I decided to clean it today. I didn't have any rubbing alcohol, which is what I usually use, and instead I heated up some water and soaked it, but I stupidly took it out out before the water had enough time to cool enough, because I just noticed a decent sized crack on the bottom (backside to base) corner of the bottom chamber. I love this piece, and I just don't want this crack to spread and become something serous. Right now it looks fine and the crack is completely closed. Can anyone suggest a way to make sure that the crack does not expand?

    I've included some links to photos of the crack below because I couldn't get the embedding to work.
  2. That is a very nice bubbler

    I'm too blazed to read about your problem though, sorry sir

  3. Haha it's chill. Just come look again later haha xD
  4. dude that sucks that is a really nice bub
    I don't know how to help you though sorry
  5. Perhaps some glassblowers can get on here and help verify this, but maybe sending it back to whomever made that (rather awesome) bubbler and see if they can repair it? Doesn't look like it would take much to kind of "seal" up that crack (sorry for my lack of glassblowing skills or verbiage here)
  6. It shouldnt become an issue unless you do that again...i would just keep a mental note to NEVER expose that piece to a heat change again , the way its blown just seems like a disaster waiting to happen with heat change hahahha!
  7. My only concern is that the crack looks like it could expand but at the same time I cant feel it on the outside of the chamber and when you hold it to the light and move it around, it doesn't look like it extends that far. It looks and feels like it cracked more inside itself than through completely. What do I know tho, haha. I'm not a glassblower or anything. I'm just worried that this means I can't use conventional epoxy to fix it.

    I've called around to a few places and one said they might be able to hook me up with a blower, but it didn't seem to hopeful. My best friend who lives in Boston has a cousin who makes glass pipes and he's very good at it. I sent my friend some pics and he said he would ask his cousin, but I don't know when he will have time to ask, let alone when I can get my piece out to him and finally get it back.

    Im just unsure about using it now cause I don't want the crack to spiderweb or anything, but at the same time I don't want to stop using this dub haha. xD

    Im also assuming that since Ive used this thing, that not every glassblower in the yellow pages is going to be willing to take it in.
  8. super baked once again, good lucck to you sire
  9. Ok so I found a place n hour away that an fix it! I remembered that the head shop near my ex's house made the own glass and their glassmaker said I would take under a day and cost $8-15!!
  10. Not bad at all, nice man!!
  11. Yeah from now on I need ton clean with rubbing alcohol and salt only haha xD
  12. Okay well first of all, your bad for cleaning glass in hot water (c'mon maaan)
    Second, Not sure how that crack originally formed, but if it wasnt your fault (and i mean truly, wasnt your fault) Clean it very well and bring it back to the shop you got it from.

    Tell them what happened and if they cant do anything, they should at LEAST put you in contact with the artist who, if they can identify it as there mistake, will easily replace/repair it.

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