Brand name prescription meds vs generic??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bloodraven51690, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So the clonazapam that I get is the generic brand, but I was wondering if I could just ask the pharmacist to fill my next script with brand name klonopin? Would this look bad or is it a legitimate question to ask. Also I have read in places that certain manufacturers of generic medicines may not be exactly the same as the brand name in terms of amount of active ingredient. Any input on this would be helpful, thanks blades.
  2. i highly doubt they will do that cause the reason you are getting generics is cause thats what your doctor buys, the companies come to their offices to sell their products and doctors choose to use different brands of the same drug so unless your doctor also perscribes the regular type and gives you a scrip for it they wont do it.
  3. No. ^This is wrong.

    Generics have no marked difference from the brand names. Generic clonazepam is the same as name brand clonazepam, so why would you want anything different?

    Most doctors will look at the type of insurance coverage you have and then either write your Rx for brand name or generic all in an effort to save you money. You can always get generics if the pharmacy stocks them to save you money, but if the script is written for generics that's all the pharm can hand out. You would have to get your doctor to write a script for brand name clonazepam.

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