Branches Drop in Evening, Raised by Morning

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    I've noticed recently that the biggest of my five plants, which is in the vegetative stage and about a foot and a half tall, and very bushy, has its branches and leaves very pert and raised in the morning, and by the evening is a little more drooped. I don't mean the leaves or branches are outright "droopy," but they simply aren't quite as raised, and the leaves form almost a shell around the central trunk by evening. By morning the plant is more open again, giving a more clear view of the branches and trunk. At no point does it look sick or hurting; if anything, this plant is going absolutely crazy with pumping out huge seven bladed, deeply green, healthy looking leaves, and it gets bigger and bushier by the day.

    Is this movement of the leaves and branches due to a natural cycle of the plant, that all pot plants do? Is it due to the strain? Temperature? Light? A poltergeist? Anyone happen to know?
  2. what size are your pots? not sure but from my experiance rootbound plants will do this and also if your temp is gettin high or it aint gettin enough water it could cause im not forsure thats just my thoughts.its a starting point but i hope thatd help any at all,just give everything a look over and check the temp in the afternoon and see if you cant figure sumthin out.good growin, if i can help you anymore let me know :smoke:
  3. The plant is outside in a pot that is about two gallons in size. It has been pretty brutally hot here lately...90s at the low during the day, and over 100 on some days. The plant doesn't seem to be suffering at all,'s growing like mad, has HUGE leaves, good color, etc. Maybe it could use a bit more water, even though the soil is always pretty moist; if I lift up the pot, it is recognizably lighter than identical pots that I have quite small clones just starting out in. With the temperatures as they are, and the huge surface area the leaves must have, perhaps it's losing a lot of water through evaporation and respiration.

    In any case, I'm not worried that the plant is sick or hurting, as it's got pot porn looking leaves...I mainly was wondering if this is something the plants just do on their own, like the way some types of plants follow the sun, have flowers that open and close, etc.

    Thanks for the input; I appreciate it!
  4. ohhh i see,i had that exact problem then.i had a 5ft plant in a 2g bucket on my backporch a couple years ago, i figured out that the reason why it did that was on real sunny and hot days the porch would get hot and with the bucket sitting on the hot wood it would heat the roots up.never hurt anything but i did notice it some days worse then got any pics? but no prob man like yu said its nothin to worry about
  5. Here is the plant, brought into the kitchen for a photo op! The picture isn't the best, as all I have is a camera on a very cheap cell phone, but here she is, showing a little bit of the drop of branches and morning she'll probably be a bit more "open" with her leaves and branches:

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    my plants all droop during the dark period...think this is due to roots taking over during dark phaze...plants fluids go to the roots...also why its best to harvest when lights first come on:smoke:would get it off the wooden porch though...also if you can get air flow under pot..prop it up on something...couple pieces of in florida and i have other plants shade the refer plants pots..its been mid 90's for pots are the answer..just started runnin' them this grow...keep plants cool..self prune the roots so no rootbound...check em out
  7. nice plant man,yeah i see what your talking about the drooping almost looks kinda rootbound.and it wouldnt be a bad idea to lift your pots up off the ground or set them on the actual ground possibly.if that dont help im almost sure its just gettin tight inside that pot.its a real nice dark green color so you know its healthy.

    and you harvest while the lights are off or just came on because it makes the bud a little smoother and all the tch is in the bud,during the day the thc comes out more on the leafs and what not to protect it from the by dark harvesting u catch it before it has a chance to come back out.

    but glad to help yall,stay high :smoke:
  8. My plants do the exact same thing during the dark cycle.

    Would not worry too much.
  9. Plants always reach to get closer to light. If you move your plant to the left of the light, it will grow towards it.

    During the dark periods there is nothing to reach for, so I think its the plant trying to conserve energy.

    Mine do this every dark period and perk right up when the lights turn on.
  10. Again, thanks for all the comments above!

    I may try sticking her into a bigger container, though I don't think the root ball is too cramped just yet, as if you look at the drainage holes under the pot, it's just dirt there so roots are visible. I don't really have the option of putting the plant in or onto the ground, as while I am in California and have a medical card and all that, the entirety of the backyard that isn't cemented over is plainly visible from the upstairs of the neighboring houses, both of which have kids and one of which has a police officer. I'm in that haze of being "legal," but still...I'd rather not invite any attention, just the same. I will try lifting the pots off the cement, however, for better air and temperature control. Thanks for the tip!
  11. yeah no need to push it and get the law in your yard,goodluck though man.You should update from time to time and see how she's doin
  12. I will post updates in this thread as they occur. This is my second ever plant, as I killed my first plant by over fertilizing. This one I want to leave pretty much alone to see what happens, and she is growing like crazy. Today, compared to yesterday, it is even bushier than before. I have high hopes! (Pun genuinely NOT intended, but I will leave it there!)
  13. For the record, here is the same plant this morning. The photo is fairly poor, but you can notice that it's markedly more "open" than in the first one.

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  14. Since the last post, this plant has gone into a five gallon bucket to enter into flowering stage. On the porch it gets about eight hours of direct sunlight, and around three hours of indirect light, so it's outside all the time now. No signs of flowering quite yet, but we will see what happens! It looks healthy as all get out, so I am hopeful!

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