Brainwave stimulation- listen & drug yourself!

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I found this cool program that uses binaural beats (2 slightly offset frequencies that go in and out of phase producing certain frequency beats, that stimulate the brain) and it has different effects or "doses" you can choose. The trial only comes with 2, a wake-up one supposed to be like morning coffee and one to put you to sleep. I found a spot where you can DL the opium, 5-htp, and inspiration doses. Im listening to the opium one right now.
    The shitty thing is the doses only work once, then you have to buy em again, but I found a way around that:
    """to use more then once:

    Start > Run

    type regedit in the box and press okay

    open the HKEY_USERS folder

    inside should be two folders with really long identical numbers. one says classes on the end. open up the folder that does not say classes.

    now open up the folder "software"

    then the folder "VB and VBA Program Settings"

    then the folder "IDoser"

    then the folder "drgMBUN"

    inside there should be numbered files. they represent the different dose files you used. just right click and delete all of them and you can reuse your dose files. then go back and delete them again afterwards."""

    OK this opium thing is making me feel wierd, I feel calm, and sorta like things are slowing down. They have other doses you can buy on their website (those too you can reuse if u use the trick above), some of em are supposedly hallucinogenic, people left reports of mushrooms like experiences. Although I find hallucinating from this hard to beleive, I do beleive these work on some level other than the placebo effect, although the placebo effect contributes greatly.

    Indy please dont consider this Advertising, I though this wole stimulate yourself into drugness would be cool.

    So I wanna know what ppl think, if it worked for them. The most important thing is USE GOOD QUALITY HEADPHONES, if you're gonna use your PC speakers, forget it, it wont work. The stereo separation has to be perfect for the frequencies to phase in and out right.

    linkys: for the trial
    For 3 more free doses, you gotta email an ad to 3 "friends", I just put BS emails, and it worked:
  2. Ok this opium dose is almost over, and I feel like, slightly stoned, but a different feeling, like not hazy at all, all my sensations are bodily, or subconcious.
  3. I dont have speakers hooked up right now, but it's bookmarked for later.

    Thanks, Lebowski, can't wait to try it.
  4. ive used a program with the same idea behind it, i took the opium and after the 20 min listen period i couldnt do shit properly, i was having a hard time making a sandwich. it was fucked up.
  5. time to call my ginney pig.

  6. :confused:
  7. I'm about to try the French Roast one, I'll be back in 5...

    Well, that's a bit of a rush actually. Probably helped that I'm high already. I like this, If the stronger ones actually do what they say, and they are cheap I may buy some, since I can cheat and reuse 'em :D
  8. Dude, I did the opium one and smoked a bowl, it definately enhanced the high, but I was really zoning out which I didnt like, I felt more sedated, but at the same time I wasnt hazy-minded at all.
  9. i just tried opium.

    I feel really calm.

    Kind of glad i didn't pay for it

    EDIT: upon reflection, i am probably just calm because i was just sitting here for 5 min with my eyes closed.

    Eh. it was free.
  10. is there anyway to do it with out installing the program i hate having to install shit
  11. No.

    It took me like 20 seconds, dude. No spyware or adware, promise; i scanned it with 4 different programs.
  12. alright cool

    thats mainly what i was worried about thanks rasta man your my hero!:hello:
  13. Dear lord christ almighty. It has happened boys. Online drug dealing has SPAWNED! Get it while its hot, John Ashcroft's coming to town! Flee! I need a priest! I need a priest!

  14. Except their sceme to make you pay for each dose is foiled because of the trick.

  15. Alot of ppl say the effects arent immediate, that you feel them 20 min after the listening period.
  16. Your all going to get brainwashed and fluish your weed and go nazi tomorrow morning :dodgy:

    Or are you?
  17. Lebowski, where do I download Opium? I wanna do it before I take my shower.
  18. so can you put the sound clips onto a cd or mp3 player?
  19. That's something to look into. I wonder if other programs can read it somehow... If you can find a conversion program that can recognise the audio stream, you could make mp3s and burn em.

    PS, I think I'm going to just drop the 3 bucks and buy something they say is strong. We'll see how this works.
  20. I tried installing it a few times but it didnt work for me, if someone can like. convert it to an mp3 or wav file or something, im really curious to listen

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