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Discussion in 'General' started by Androgenicx, Aug 23, 2008.

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    This stuff works. Experimented with the built-in presets, and they fuckin work. Must be even better with cannabis and even even better on psychedelics. Can't report on that because I don't have anything on me right now, haven't for awhile.

    The sleep inducer made me drowsy, warm and comfy as hell, and i started drooping off.

    immediately after I tried the 'attention focusing' preset, and a minute later it hurt to close my eyes, just didn't wanna close em, starting getting real up-and-at-em

    Currently listening to the 'creativity increase', making me totally ITCH to do something and not sit around. Creative stuff.

    The 'awakened mind' preset made me very alert.

    This stuff is great, can't wait to try it in conjunction with MJ and with psychedelics.

    try it, you won't be disappointed.
  2. let me get a link then dood

    don't hold out on the brain waves bro
  3. link? no link???? lolz
  4. My buddy swore by this. I tried it. I think its crap. But to each his own.

    Sounds like the placebo effect, too.
  5. Its scientific, I doubt it. I don't tend to fall for placebo effects. If it is a placebo, it still allows me to get into the desired state, so i don't care.

  6. cmon ur supposedly captain no bullshit reality science, you should know that you have brain waves and they can be altered through sound, hence how some music can make you relaxed and some can hype you up

    only this isnt music, its different frequencies to change ur brainwaves
  7. Well I tried the idose shit for a while.. It never worked for me..

    I think it's the same concept as being hypnotized ya know? You have to have a certain mind set for it to work... Maybe go so far as to say a certain mind? :smoking:

    I doubt it will work for me if it's anything like idose.
  8. It is? Just looks like a bunch of pseduoscientific hand-waving. It cites no research, no studies, nothing.

    How did you reach that conclusion?

    Ignorance is Bliss.

    I like the ring of that.

    Sure... it's called a placebo

    I mean it might be more legitimate than that, but I've seen no evidence to confirm it.

    Yeah and sugar pills can sure the common cold. It's a placebo.
  9. Dude chill your shit. He was asking you to try it out and see what it did for you, its not like he was advocating that its the most scientifically sound internet phenomenon. Lighten up man, at least give it a try. Or if you did, tell us about it, don't just arrogantly put it down.
  10. look the shit up man, its legit, jus cuz the site doesnt cite any research doesnt mean the research aint out there

    here would be the ultimate test, have someone else download the shit, and pick one of the frequencies, whether its to sleep or to wake you up, you dont know which one it is, and you listen to it

    if you dont know what its supposed to do and it works, its legit

    use a lil scientific method captain no bullshit reality science
  11. I tried that exact program before, never thought about using it stoned...
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    I'm perfectly clam. I don't think I could get worked up over this if I WANTED to.

    Well I didn't see THAT anywhere.

    I've tried I-doser extensively with absolutely no results. This seems equally meaningless, I have no interest in investing time in it.

    Well, keep reading this post, because I'll quote him where he insists on pretty much just that.

    I don't see credulity as being "light"

    I like this quote: “It's only arrogance if you're wrong”

    I mean, this is a discussion board, this is not a meritocracy, expect to be called out on bullshit.

    No thanks, not only is that totally antithetical to the notion of onus probandi, but I seem to be the only person to ever do research around here, and for once I don't want to.


    That's not how science works.

    At best that would be an anecdote.

    It's very telling that these cites don't cite any kind of double-blind control studies. Major red flag.
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    Binaural beats are legitimate.
    Or just google the term and you'll be overwhelmed by the shitload of information that will flood your screen. Maybe it didn't work for you? If you even tried it that is, but binaural beats are a proven, scientific phenomenon. The site doesn't really even need to cite the theory because its already been scientific fact since the 1800s. And according to your quote, you'd be, in fact, quite arrogant.
  14. While I DID have to dig through the article for actual credible sources, you are correct. There does seem to be a scincere physiological response.

    I thank you and extend to your genuine kudos for your willingness to respond.

    Yup, they certainly seem to be.

    Uhhh... No, this is where your have still no backed up your claim.

    Binaural beats sure seem to have the capacity for a positive physiological response, but the question is: are the binaural beats that you are being supplied with even legitimate?

    Or is it just a bunch of sounds that some guy put together in his basement as is promoting as such? An audio snake oil, if you will.

    Ah, but I wasn't wrong. You can't be wrong if you haven't reached a conclusion. ;)

    My initial post concerning the placebo was indeed stated as a question for that very reason. I had not even a tentative conclusion, much less some firm conviction.

    I was attempting to stimulate skeptical inquiry and challenge ideas. It sure seemed to work.

    If "arrogance" is that, then so be it. I'm one arrogant bastard.
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    Sam_Spade thanks for responding in a civilized way, I hate when people go off on a rant or something. But to answer your question, wikipedia provides a nice chart about frequencies and their affects on the brain.

    > 40 Hz - Gamma waves - Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness

    13–40 Hz - Beta waves - Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition

    7–13 Hz - Alpha waves - Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness

    4–7 Hz - Theta waves - Dreams, deep meditation, REM sleep

    < 4 Hz - Delta waves - \tDeep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

    I downloaded the program, and you can view what frequency the preset is playing at, and the type of "feeling" that the waves should be evoking, corresponds almost perfectly with this chart. So in my personal opinion, this program is legitimate, or at least theoretically should be. I didn't have any outstanding results myself, but binaural beats have a different affect on everyone.
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    Um accidental double post, sorry everyone haha :smoke:
  17. Well, you've certainly given my a much more solid basis for this concept now, thankyou for that.

    I'm kind of stumped why I never got any kind of result from this stuff. Oh well, I can't argue with science like that.
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