:Brainwashing and Mind Control: MK Ultra

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  1. Has anyone ever looked into MK Ultra, project Bluebird, project Monarch and the many other surfaced programs that are an undeniable psychological attack on humanity since WWII? We took the 1300 scientist from Germany and 600 were propulsion scientist who went on to start NASA and the other 700 started this insane propaganda machine that is contantly attacking us consciously and sub consciously via TV, movies(including Disney), internet, radio and any other medium they can use to get us programmed. You can find a lot with a quick google search and one of my favorite vids is this confession from a fully de programmed ex cia sex slave/message girl.

  2. well, based on your post...Pandora's Box is WAY over there ----->
  3. For sure. I debated posting in there, I was just discouraged by the lack of intelligent conversation in the box. I dont want to argue but I thought sharing this in the politics area would open some people up to our governments true agenda and whats really motivating the current politcal system with its false two party wool over our eyes bull ish. The government is a bunch of rich thugs oppossed to cannabis because it makes people way harder to program it works against the public education systems design to kill creativity, individualism and critcal thinking. But its cool if you arnt feeling the conversation in here. I undrstand there are rules for organization I just thought this was relivent stuff to a lot of discussions already going on in here.

    Keep flexing your mental muscles and thinking outside the programming....
  4. What about operation slammer, I've been trying to find information on that too - ties in with MK Ultra.
    Watch the series - 'CounterIntelligence' - on youtube, its long but very detailed about secret intelligence organizations (mainly CIA) in the US.
  5. MK ultra was a real program though....
    It was something the USA government did do
    I don't see how this belongs in Pandora's box
  6. I think there are a few blades here that might have been success stories for government brainwashing.
    Let's not start playing that game... even though it is tempting.. :devious:
  8. yeah man they want complete control over us. they wont be happy until they take away our freedom and humanity. and we know nothing about their actual projects. because they dont want us to know. but im sure mkultra is nothing compared to what happens behind closed doors today.
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    Yeah, let's not.  Lots of mud to fling either direction  ...

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