brains on buds or brains off buds?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 4, 2003.


Which lets you think more?

  1. a stoned head?

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  2. a not-stoned head?

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  1. depends what exactly the type of thing i'm thinking about, but atleast 90% of teh time, for me personally, its with a little bit of weed i think alot better and alot clearer. its only once i'm completely stoned outta my nut and short term memory loss kicks in... it sometimes gets a little hard to finnish a thought, as great as the start of it may well have been.
  2. most of the time I go the smoke 'till you you choke route, in wich case, thinking at all is out of the question

    but I would say that being slightly blazed gives you a different angle on things, definetely helps you think
  3. I have to agree with you Digit. Unless I'm completely stoned off my ass (no I take that back, I have quite the tendency to be clumbsy when stoned), I get alot of deep thinking done while smoking. It's like my 2 brain cells expand and multiply and I get all these thoughts and plans. But sometimes I have to be careful because if I think too much, I firmly believe that my head will explode from all the bullshit and stress in my life. One just has to love marijuana though....there is nothing like sitting back, smoking a good bowl, and getting lost in the depths of your own mind!!!
  4. One or two bowls is usually a good start to get me thinking. Anything past four or five in one sitting usually makes me not want to think. Tokin' before school usually helps alot, especially since first hour is FST :) I hate that class sober, as well as stoned, but tests and assignments are a lot easier to do when I've got a good buzz going.....
  5. Weed calms me down enough to stop thinking of 1000 differnt thaings at once and lets me concentrate on less at the same time, if that makes any sense. It's like my thoughts are 1000 voices in my head screaming for attention, the more i toke, the more the voices shut up. When there's only a few voices it's easier to have an intelligent "conversation"

  6. When I'm high, I think on thoughts that just would have pased right "through" my brain when i'm sober... For everything we sense (see, hear, feel...) a little thought goes through our brains without we in a way noticing ..when high it feels like I can "catch" them thoughts or something...hard to explain :D

    It's like you said Digit, depends on what kind thinking it is.
  7. I don't really think 'better' either way; just differently. That's the point though isn't it? A difference in perspective can do just as much as a textbook as far as knowledge and wisdom go.

    Though i can say that overall I think I'm much wiser having smoked the herb for a few years.
  8. I find that a little bit helps concentration on certain things, but I got quite stoned before trying to do some revision for a test a few days ago, but I couldn't stop drifting off and thinking about much deeper things. Plus I had one of those funky weird lights on in front of me, so that was distracting.
  9. I find that I can concentrate much harder on what I'm reading if I'm stoned. In fact since I discovered this I smoke up everytime I want to read a book. Lord of the Rings was awesome stoned, so is Heart of Darkness so far.

    The key is reading something you're interested in, I would never be able to read a text book or something I didn't really want to read if I was stoned, but if it's something I'm interested in I can read for hours only making stops to smoke more.
  10. Wow, i'm surprised that many of you say that you can think straight on weed...

    I'm fuckin USELESS for like a whole day and a half after a big night of smokin and drinkin.

    Not high, its just I can still feel it in my system. Almost like a weed hangover ...and if i'm tryin to study I won't remember a thing, or if I'm trying to read I won't be able to focus at all.

    I have learned to compromise though. Like if i know I have a bunch of tests next week I won't smoke this week. I give my system time to clear itself out a bit. After that the ol' noodle usually goes back to being sharp as a tac! [​IMG]

    Thats why I'm so fuckin glad its summertime! Now I can smoke all I want and not worry abou shit
  11. two cups of coffee and a joint. it's super-fuel for mah brain :)

    i can literally hear my thoughts bouncing about inside my skull, lol
  12. Creatively speaking I think I do tend to be slightly better while stoned. Problem solving: my ability goes down for a couple of days after smoking and obviously during. Even if I'm feeling creative while stoned beleive me I'm not gonna share it- there will be only one thing on my mind... sleeeep...

  13. the key word there is the last one--drinking. Maybe you should try just smoking herb for a while and then see if you still have any sort of 'weed hangover'. I haven't felt the aftereffects of marijuana since I first started smoking, I kind of doubt that it's the herb that's effecting you like that

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