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Brainfog from regular use....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bongalong, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I typically get "brainfog" after every 4-6 months of "light" nightly use. It doesn't really matter if I'm using a vaporizer or burning the plant. This leads me to believe that the "brainfog" comes from the accumulation THC in the body, and isn't due to a specific use or occurrence. To further drive this point home, I've also tried smoking only very little (one very small hit from a vape) for a three nights straight, and it didn't help.

    I've been smoking every night for about a year (I've been smoking for 3.5 years now) without a break. I've noticed that in the mornings at work, it seems like I'm walking around in a haze/daze, and things don't seem clear...and I have the feeling of being "out of it." There were some instances where I wasn't remembering things as "quickly" as I should. Nothing major of course, but it's a feeling that isn't very pleasurable or normal.

    So it's time for a t-break! Generally in the past, 3-5 days is really all I need for the fog to lift. Then I find that I'm good for several more months before needing a t-break again.

    What has been your experience in the time that it takes to get rid of it? I'm about 72 hours so far, and the fog has lightened up a bit, but it's still there (maybe since I'm getting older that it's going to take a little bit longer).

    I have it planed to start again tomorrow (which would be 96 hours), but I'm thinking I'm probably going to need another day or so. I usually jump back in when I "feel" very clear headed.

    My "tolerance" breaks isn't about to reduce the tolerance. I RARELY take more than 2 hits during the weeknights. I still am completely fine with how high I get (and how little I still use). It's really about removing the brain fog, and getting things back in mental check.
  2. I've smoked every day for years, some times a lot more than others, but I don't get what you're describing at all. Maybe it's your diet, a lack of exercise, dehydration, etc.
  3. I used to have a bit of a fog once I started using it regularly at night. But your body will get used to it, and the fog will lift a bit. Honestly, I always felt like it was a strange sense of constant euphoria and I really enjoyed it. It made me into so much more chill of a person.
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    "hazyness," "out of it," "brain fog" are very well documented effects from long term use.

    Of course during the weekend and when I'm not working, it doesn't bother me and makes me feel chill :)

    But in a professional environment, where I need to be at the top of my game, it's not the best effect to have. :)

    My diet is probably better than 95% of everyone on here. I haven't had fast food in 4 years. I cook and prepare almost everything I eat. 50g of protein every meal.

    My body fat is probably about 13%. Metabolism is still very high (I've been actually losing weight). Lots of muscle. :)

    I should be drinking more water than I do, but I don't think any of those factors play much into it.
  5. I'm afraid you're suffering from a Brain cloud.
  6. I get this too, normally because I'll go a decent amount of time without smoking, then smoke a lot in a week.
  7. To all the people who say ive been toking for years everyday and dont notice any "brain fog" or haze probably cause you've gotten used to the feeling.

  8. yeah having a healthy diet is not only good for your health but you will also get higher when you smoke.
  9. Maybe that's why I used the word maybe, and well documented? Those are very scientific terms, lots behind them :D

    I have smoked all day every day for like 4 or 5 years now, I don't have this brain fog crap never have. Therefore, I'm guessing, it's not THC overload.
  10. [quote name='"orangegrovekush"']To all the people who say ive been toking for years everyday and dont notice any "brain fog" or haze probably cause you've gotten used to the feeling.[/quote]

    Nope not at all never have felt it before and been tokin for 5 years
  11. Im afraid your taking benzos

  12. And probably because they smoke every second of the day, too.
  13. Im currently experience this "brain fog" I think it would go away after a year, seems like ive fried my memory.

    Im socially awkward when im high, i just dont talk. I get paranoid like people are always watching or expecting things. I use to just smoke then have a good time at work. Now its like a game ive been trying to master and record process along the way. Like a experiment.

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