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  1. So after I've taken the damn morning glory seeds a week or 2 ago, I am afraid I have suffered major brain loss. I am no longer an intellectual and I have no facination with science anymore, nor do I have the skill to write songs anymore...
    Is it just coincidence or was it the seeds?
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    But srsly I cant help you...
  3. Sucks man. Give it some more time?

    Just believe in yourself...
  4. Generally morning glory seeds alter mood for some time after you take them. It can last days, but I never read anything about weeks.

    Just get that spark ignited again...
    Being intellectual isnt everything.
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    Sounds like a case off Depersonalization Disorder to me. I got that for a while after smoking to much weed once. Just know it's all in your head and will go away with time. Just don't dwell on it and try to live a normal life. It's not going to kill you or anything.

    If you keep worrying about it and develop anxiety it can last for years!! Just try to forget about it and know that no matter what, it's not going to hurt or affect you that much. The faster you forget about it the faster it goes away.

    Depersonalization disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. Keep smokin' and get your head straight, worked for me
  7. that's not very good advise man
  8. i think youre over reacting

    or where never very smart in the first place and just realized it
  9. it's neither, sir.
  10. You're asking a question on a board where a majority do not consume psychedelics or have experience with them. Check out for a proper diagnosis of your ailments.
  11. It's completely in your mind. Just chill out/ smoke more and you'll be juuuuuuuuuuuuust fine. :)
  12. ur being lazy and looking for an excuse. If you dont wanna do nothing, blame yourself.
  13. Laziness, exactly what this guy said right here. You're probably just tired or lazy, don't really feel like thinking and you're paranoid the morning glory have fucked you up - they haven't don't worry bro, drink some coffee and concentrate on concentrating lol.
  14. I have no school and no work. Am I supposed to be productive?
  15. Uh, yes...

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