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  1. First of all i am extremely baked. :smoke:

    But, today after i smoked i was thinking about drugs and how they alter are perception due to the way they bond to nerves or pleasure centers in our brain. In theory if some plants have chemicals that trigger these transmitters, could we not just synthesize a chemical that could do that, but in itself not have any harmful side effects because it has one and only one purpose.

    That took a while but thanks and i would like to know your thoughts,

  2. Making synthetic chemicals isnt as easy as it sounds
  3. it's already available... look up marinol... It's the governments way of trying to control the sales of, and reproduce a natural healing plant grown from seed... Just doesn't cut the bacon, and it's why those in need choose bud, over a pill.. The "side effects" of mj are what makes it beneficial for medical use.. Take away all those lovely side effects, and u get marinol LOL... A complete waist of our time, and money....
  4. yes, but isolated thc can still have negative effects on the brain, if i am mistaken correct me, but drugs usually act on the neurtransmitters between nerves. if we could control the chemical makeup of the transmitters than couldn't we ultimatley create pleasure, and possibly pain. this could possibly be the future of opressive rule.

    sorry to be pessimistic, but it really got me thinking
  5. Im sure thats something thats being studied now. It would be a way to 'feel' virtual reality, or to create the ultimate drug.
  6. yes, it's like soma in brave new world by aldous huxley, suggested reading by the way, a great dystopian novel.
  7. you have to get the chemicals from somewhere and where else to get chemicals then from mother nature.

  8. Yea people reported that basically you take it, and feel nothing for a long time... then it just hits you and you cant even do anything... making it pointless medically.

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