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  1. Is there a soul?
    Consciousness, a product of the brain?
    Thoughts, a product of the soul?
    What is a soul?
    Where did the idea of a soul come from?
  2. The brain and soul are together necessary to experience our physical existence. Without a brain, the soul has nothing to tell us what we're sensing and doing, but without a soul, our brain has nothing to communicate to our conscious with.

    My two cents.
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    The soul is our energy. It cannot be destroyed, which is why ghosts exist. The stronger the energy, the more pronounced the presence of said spirit. This is why hauntings are common around tragic deaths.

    We are also able to detect and manipulate this energy. This is the basis of magic. Real magic, not the illusionist kind.

    Thoughts an the like is the product of the chemical reactions in the brain. It is an electrical energy. Thoughts are much more powerful than people know

    My belief at least
  4. They are all products of each other. From one they have become, to one they shall return.
  5. Consciousness and the Spirit are infinite, the body and ego are not.

  6. What a bunch of nonsense.

    Explain to me what exactly seperates your magic from the illusionist kind? Because it certainly not empirical science.
  7. I believe there could be some kind of single omnipresent and universal force (plane of existence/consciousness/brahman/god whatever you want) that exists EVERYWHERE even outside of the physical realm. You can assume our brains operate on this plane of consciousness and the only reason we experience individuality is because the consciousness is limited to what each biological creature is capable of (because of dna). So there wouldn't be a soul, but just the single driving force throughout existence and when our physical bodies die, so too does the identity once associated with that body, all the while the consciousness is still prevailing in it's eternal state and in the minds of creatures throughout the universe.
  8. Metaphysics say that you can either be a dualist or a materialist. If you go through logical arguments (which I wont go into because they take forever with premises and conclusions, although I can if someone wants me to) you can logically only pick one or the other.

    Dualists believe there is a body (the brain, organs, etc) and the "mind" is something non-physical.

    Materialists believe that your "mind" is just a self reflection on the actions that it makes for your body. Feelings, emotions, desires, are all illusions and mostly evolutionary traits that help us get through our lives.

    You can only pick one or the other, there really is no in between. Also, there is no answer as to which is more right.

  9. I think what I described in the previous post is as in-between as you can get, where our individual minds are dependent on our bodies but the fact that there IS consciousness assumes unknown non-physical force
  10. I think that the 'soul' is just a product of a brain and that "life energy" is no different from the energy that exists everywhere. I do not think the energy used to power our organs has any inherent consciousness or awareness, just like the energy produced in a combustion engine isn't conscious or aware.
  11. [quote name='"*ColtClassic*"']I think that the 'soul' is just a product of a brain and that "life energy" is no different from the energy that exists everywhere. I do not think the energy used to power our organs has any inherent consciousness or awareness, just like the energy produced in a combustion engine isn't conscious or aware.[/quote]

    But what if the 'soul' energy is completely separate from 'physical' energy? In the physical existence, we have the ability to exchange one form of energy to another, eg: chemical to electric. But what if our soul energy just isn't measurable by our current technology, and isn't transferable like the energy we can physically recognise?

    No attack on you, I just think its pretty naive to think things only exist if we can measure them or physically recognise them. I mean, hundreds if years ago all diseases were caused by magic, or some other unknown force. Now we can track and measure, and research these things. Back then you were crazy if you thought microscopic organisms were what made people sick.

    You can't truely believe that down the road we won't be capable of measuring anything new. Things that in our current time, we think are crazy or don't even realize are there. Like before, with bacteria and viruses.
  12. Lately, I've began to think they are the same thing or that one is the byproduct of the other (most likely the soul is the end result of your brain's complex activity).

    But that's just me. Look for yourself. Question everything.
  13. Maybe, the electric impulses in are brain are connected to the soul?
  14. yes.:devious:
  15. If it isn't measurable with current technology and is completely separate from 'physical' energy then why would I believe it to exist? Simply because one likes the idea of it?

    If you can show me that this exists in one way or another, then I will start to believe, but I personally think that it is the hardware, not the power source that is the secret ingredient to consciousness (or 'soul'). I think we run on the same energy as everything else does, but not everything else has a brain... get it?

    I think that is naive as well. But how can we claim, with certainty, that something exists before we have any way of showing it? Believing in the possibility of something is different than believing in the absolute certainty of its existence. When the idea of black holes began no one had the ability to really prove it, but now we can identify them. I agree, just because we don't have the methods to observe something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. However, just because we think something has the possibility of existing doesn't mean that we actually arrived at the idea due to any evidence. I think people really just like the idea of having a "soul".

    I never said that at all . . . :confused:

    I think you're expanding beyond what I really said.

  16. The only reason why I would believe (not that I do) in any kind of non-physical force/substance/existence is our apparent ability of free will, I just don't see how free will can exist without a force outside of the physical realm. It's either that or we don't have free will, and I suppose both of those claims equally lack evidence.
  17. I think that "free will" can totally exist, even if the most complex interactions in our brain can be explained by science. I think it is the unique wiring in each one of our brains that allows "free will" - our brains all work in relatively the same way, however, all of the connections that are formed within the brain are completely unique to us.

    But I'm not really a scientist; this is just speculation....
  18. Well I defentaly know that there is seperate energy that is not in our perspective but is still there.
    A dose of psilocybin mush gave me telepathy with a real good friend of mine.
    Physically communicating with each other through our minds.
    A shared consciosness, a factor of the shroom.
    Thats the reason I gave the soul an actual thought, because there are forces of nature we don't know of.
    haha I'm so baked:smoke:
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    The soul is the information within the energy being sent to your brain (which includes environmental senses). The brain is the messenger, not the message.

    You see this information is what our brain processes as "physics", but really the brain is basically an antenna that emits a "physical" movie.

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