Brain To Brain Communication

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    I can't wait til this technology gets worked out in full.. Lot of crazy things to look forward to in the future.

  2. This is interesting
    It kinda relieves me a little bit.

    They said both the sender and reciever needed to encode the message first. This is because the brains thing differently.

    This may seem obvious but I just realized how significant it is.

    It means it wwould be extremely difficult to invade or read a mind because it would he akin to using a computer or reading a book in another language.

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    If you're only considering your lifetime, yeah.. but this is technology that's still in an embryonic stage. Our brains are extremely complex, but that doesn't mean they're outside the realm of science and knowledge. It's going to take some time, a lot of time. I can see in our lifetime maybe like a headband device that you can control aspects (possibly in full) of your computer or video game with. Several generations from now, maybe some sort of device where you can broadcast your brain.. all of it. People could "log in" and experience every thing as you're experiencing in complete detail, hear/watch your inner thoughts. If you took all the neurons and connections in your brain and laid them end to end, it'd be enough to circle Earth almost 4 times.. so it's going to take time. I don't think we'll be alive to see any crazy sci-fi shit, unless we figure out how to extend our lives soon, but there's no reason to believe humanity won't. There's a lot of scary implications and possible applications, but there's also a lot of cool/good ones..
  4. have you seen the TV shoe dollhouse?

    Scary shit

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  5. One day my friend, one day..

    Nah, I'll look into it though. Take it it has to do with controlling someone's mind?
  6. In the beginning not really sort of

    But by the end it gets really bad

    The basic premise is that real humans have their memories erased and are kept in a sort of dollhouse. They are given temporary fake.memories and rented.out as dolls.

    So a rich person could rent a doll that is basically his dream girl. She would then go back to the dollhouse after and.memories erases again till the next client.

    But the plot gets really thick.

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