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brain sergery not rockit sceince

Discussion in 'General' started by dirtydingusus, Aug 2, 2009.

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    ok so this story started 3 yrs ago(like 2006)
    and will take some time to tell...

    i will give the quick and dirty version and post more in this thread till the whole story has been told...
    apparently i have been having tiny partial seizures my whole life without knowing it ...
    the little ones would be like getting a head rush that keeps going... copper taste in my mouth ... funny feeling in my stomach.. and a rhythmic feeling thru my whole body...a sound like repetitive deep sound as well as little"visions"off to the side of my view.. as well as a red light from behind me turning everything red...

    i described it to the doc as being like a flash back from a dream...

    then one day in august 3yrs ago it decided to get bad real bad...will go into the details of that day latter

    december 15th 3yrs ago i ran my 4door f350 into a lady parked at a red light at 55mph with out hitting the breaks...that was the day i was diagnosed....
    more to come on that as well

    in the end after all the storys i will tell you on may 7th 2009 i had a complete right temporal lobotomy...
    they cut into my head and removed my right temporal lobe...which is a large piece of my brain...and the bastards wouldn't let me keep it either...lmao...

    so like i said that was the quick and dirty version...i will go thru all the details and trust me there are alot of them...

    and believe me the story is interesting as hell!!!

    i will start with the firt day in august 3yrs ago....

    the wife woke me up and said to get ready we where going to the flee market... they tell me i started yelling at her ...calling her "that fucking bitch" she went and got into the shower and i went in there and was yelling at here....i remember none of this...the first memory i do have of that day is shaking my head standing in the bathroom in the middle of yelling at her and saying how the fuck did i get here? and so they explained it to me ...then my memory is gone again..they tell me that every 15 min they had to reexplain to me what had happened all day until around 2pm...the next memory i have of that day was about 4 in afternoon i was half way out of the driveway walking to my truck when the memory begins i remember getting in the truck and cranking it up... i remember pulling away...the next memory i have is in the hospital and a doctor telling me they dont know whats wrong with me ? and maybe someone slipped me some drugs i got pissed at him told him ha was a dumb ass i only go to work and home no way that happened and i walked out with him telling me i cant leave and me telling him to try and stop me...
    when i got in the truck there was a broken road reflector on my dash board and half the brush gard under the front bumper was missing...apparently i was driving around for almost 3hrs that i dont remember talking on phone with a few friends that where trying to get me to go to hospital i remember none of this...

    so that was the first day ...much more to come...
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    ok so december 3yrs ago i was driving in the f350 with 3 other guys who worked for me on the way to a job...the last thing i remember was going up over an overpass...
    the next thing i remember was standing in the middle of the street shaking my head and talking to a cop? i asked him "what the fuck is going on? how the hell did i get here?" one of my guys(also a good friend) said "you just wrecked the truck man! " i said"holy shit are you fucking with me?is everyone ok?" the car i ran into was pushed in to the truck in front of it no one was hurt thank god! i told everyone i was sorry and blacked out again...
    the next memory was waking up in the hospital the neurologist came in and told me that i had more back to back partial seizures on the eeg than anyone ha had seen in 20yrs of being a neurologist!!!

    jake my man in the truck with me told me latter that the car i hit was stopped at a red light and i hit her at 55mph never touched the breaks...he said that he asked me if i was going to hit the breaks and i looked at him and smiled real big!!! i havent driven sense that day ...they wont let me?
    in november this yr i can gat my license back thats 6 months after the surgery the wife brought me food and a blunt to the hospital and apparently i ran her off...whenever having these seizures i hated her latter when i woke again i went out into the parking lot at hospital and smoke that blunt with some guy in a wheelchair ...just walked up to him asked for a light fired it up and handed it to him...fuck it!!!

    much more to come
  3. Holy shit and you're going day by day? :eek:
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    no not day by day lmao...just the big events...

    to go day by day would be imposable...epilepsy takes chunks out of you memory

    and to go day by day would take another 3 yrs!!! lmao!

    hell i already skipped from august to december! but that may not have been up when you posted
  5. Geeeze Dude...hope all this turns out well for you!
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    thank you!!! so far so good surgery was in may and i have been fucking great!!!! i woke up from surgery and it was like waking up from a very long very bad dream!!!

    everyone keeps saying to me that i sound like the old lewis again!

    i will get you to all this but just to show alittle bit for the last 6 months before surgery i was having "little" seizures 24hrs a day 7days a week...even with the most medication they are allowed to prescribe by law.....they found that my case was the rarest in the world they are studying my shit ...

    once i get to the official diagnosis it is sub clinical partial seizures both simple and the end i have had every kind of seizure that there is ...i was fortunate in that the epilepsy foundation got me together with the #1 seizure neurologist in the country
    thank you so much dr Tatum!!!!
  7. And also cudos to your wife for sticking it out with you, must not be easy for her.

    Not saying you're a bad guy or anything, stuff like yours just isn't easy to deal with for everyone involved.

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    she did what she could to stick it out stick it out...well she made it thru the first 2 yrs
    the last yr i been on my own...she drove me to doctors ...made sure i got to see the kids...but i was on my own for the last yr... she did all she could she had it worse than me by far

    she got the worst end of ..she has to remember all of it ..wile i dont remember the worst of it at all
  9. ^^^^^^Well the problems were the seizures and especially everything around them, right?

    Now since they're gone things should be a lot better between you and your wifey!

  10. fuck man, i cant say id know how to deal with that. i mean i am bitching about my life atm with my gf leaving having to go to the army..but like..shit i guess its true there's always someone that has it worst, i really hope you end up well bro and i hope your wife and you work it out >.< how are your kids taking it? =\
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    my youngest thankfully was to young to really know what was going on and my oldest thankfully old enough to understand...

    and thank you very much...

    we shall see how it goes...and trust me there is still alot more of this story to tell...i will get to it

    i really dont know? but i was taught to hope for the best and expect the worst so you will never be disappointed?
  12. also i am great!!! there is nothing in this life i cant overcome!!!
  13. ill be honest readin what you just said theres nothign you cant overcome kinda gives me hope, ive been emo as fuck wanting to kill myself and your story and your hope is overwhelmingly surprising and shit...i feel like a dumbass now, but i kinda feel like i should keep on fighting lol just hope i dont die when i get deployed next month to iraq =\ . nways once again take care bro! and well i am only 19 and i prolly dont got as much experience as you but i think you should be with your kids now more than ever ! you never know >.< cya around.
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    thank you glad i can inspire!!!
    trust me i hope the best !!!
    and just remember attitude is everything!!! if you believe it you can make it happen!
    just follow what your hart tells you and you will find your way! listen to your sole thats what its there for!!!i hope the best for you as well!
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    so i was an independent roofing subcontractor which means no health i got on county insurance and went to the neurologist they first put me on depicote....
    in the hospital when i wrecked the truck... i had the worst side effects from that shit!!!!
    light sensitivity so bad i could not be around any lite at all! i sat in a dark room with dark tinted goggles on and there was something elts to just cant remember?
    so i went to the doc...and most of them suck!!! we went to one who never even looked up from the clip board! they just sucked! so i got in with the epilepsy foundation they got me in with Tatum! thank you!!!! when they took me off depicote and put me on ditanten... on my god! the side effects where fucked!!!!will get into it more latter
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    oh yes the other thing with the depicote was that not only did the lite burn my eyes but fuck sunlight!!!! sun lite burned my skin like holy shit burned my skin...if i had to leave during the day i would cover with a blanket to keep the sun off ride in the car all covered up from head to toe!

    then the dilanton made me the worlds biggest asshole!!!! i wanted to fight everyone!!!
    anyone anywhere i was trying to start fights every where i went!! i was still roofing even tho the doc kept telling me no heights... so me and the boys would go into burgerking or someplace for lunch... and i would "eyeball" everyone in the place as soon as someone looked me back in the eye... i went straight twords them"who the fuck you think your looking at mother fucker?" and i was load about it ...this is not the type of person i all i dont start shit for no reason i will defend myself and my people without thinking twice..but dont start shit like that at all and i was also an asshole to the i was begging the doc to take me off it...he said i had to go in the hospital for 5 days to come off it ... i said fuck that im not taking 5 days off things just got worse

    much more to back latter my brothers and sisters
  17. Damn man.

    Tough roads make tougher people.
  18. holy shit
    thats all so brutal
    this scares me
    my best friend has random little seziures i hope it never gets to that point
    i would not be able to go thru wat you did tho
    seriously dude thats crazy shitt

    good luck in the future and i hope they get everything fixed up
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    yes that they do... and there is no challenge that cannot be overcome!
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    your friend will be ok in the long run...

    and thank you for the well wishes...i really am doing fucking great sense the surgery!!!

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