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  1. i didnt know where to post this so anyway...

    it goes like this:

    there are 3 guys in a contest...they sit at the edges of a triangle and the lights are turned off...then each guy is given one hat from a total of 5 hats (3 red, 2 black)...

    then the lights are turned back on...and each guy is asked to guess what color hat he is wearing...each guy can see the hat of the other two and know there are 5 hats in total and that 3 are red, 2 black...

    one of the guys looks at the other two and sees one with a red, the other with a black hat...then says "i have a red hat" and wins...whats the logic?
  2. if he had a black hat, dude with the red hat would have chimed in right away

    could it really be that simple?
  3. idk...maybe i didnt ask it right?...or youre really smart...lemme see :smoke:
  4. no that was it....youre smart :smoke:
  5. oh shit, nice

    where'd you find this anyway
  6. i came across this way back in a science mag in turkey...
  7. Isn't the guy just playing percentages… 3-1 red hats= 2 red hats left. 2-1 black hats= 1 black hats. 2:1, so he's twice as likely to have a red hat on… right?
  8. no its not actually...:smoke:
  9. I agree with myyoung.

    Someone chiming in seems... irrelevant in a question of logic.
  10. when he said "if he had a black hat, dude with the red hat would have chimed in right away", he meant "the guy looked at both the other guys with one red and one black hat, and when neither of them said "my hat is so and so colored", he knew his hat couldnt be black because if it WAS black, one of the other guys would have seen two black hats and deduced his was red...since that didnt happen, he said "mine is red" and won...

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