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Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by katsung47, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Assange and Manning absolutely did not conspire with each other and you won't find information about that issue unless its fabricated.. Regardless, calling for Assange death is psychotic, to say the least...

    In regards to B. Manning.. yes he should go to jail, unfortunately (If it were up to me, it would be 10 years).. But what you constantly choose to ignore is that Manning's intentions were good. He was attempting to bring truth and transparency in a dirty war as this administration attempted to cover it all up. The people have a right to be informed, if the government fails to do that that the people need to right the wrong. Manning is not an evil man, as much as the establishment would like to paint him.

    And please don't regurgitate nonsense about how his leak jeopardized the war on terror when that is absolutely false..
  2. Metal -

    I value the excellent contribution that your 2 dimensional have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too ignorance brings to the board. It has helped me understand the modern American in ways I would have never been able to reach with you.

    Thank You.
  3. we can agree to disagree. for the record i was only calling for the trial of assange, to confirm he was not collaborating with manning in releasing the documents. if he is innocent like you claim, it shouldn't be tough to clear his name.

    i believe mannings actions were done seeking fame and recognition. he wanted to become a hero and leave his name on history.

    Imagine you are a general in the military. one of your men, who you had trained and given your trust to, SABOTAGES you and your fellow men by releasing documents that could have had real unintended consequences.. bradley manning consciously made the SELFISH choice to take things into his own hands to try and become a 'hero'.

    I bet the little brat would love a piece prize. obamas the one who sent him to war, right? and didn't obama get a peace prize?? would it not be a little hypocritical for the 'Noble Peace Prize' to give the award to somebody who betrayed the very man they gave the award to just years prior?

    you joking?

  4. Inb4warmonge........

    Too late
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    What's the matter with this country.

    There was a time when a man released classified information during the Vietnam War, and the details were plastered all over the New York Times. The details revealed the truth about the war, and revealed how the government systematically lies to the people. The man who released them has received three prestigious awards thus far.

    Now when someone has done the same thing, the media is silent about the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan that the US has committed. The man who released the information is now held indefinitely, while the war criminals are allowed to walk free. This is not justice.

    Someone said how he made a conscious decision by doing what Manning did, and put people in danger. Yet, I could make the same argument the other military servicemen who made conscious decisions and enlisted in combat.

    The hatred toward Manning is misguided. Had he not mouthed off in a chatroom, and had he not been snitched on, we would not know who leaked the information. Where would be hatred be directed at? Wikileaks/Julian Assange? But why... WL is just a news source that publishes information it receives anonymously. It does not hack into databases and steal information. So hatred of WL would be without real cause.

    Who's really to blame here? Is it the lonely soldier, the internet news source, or the government that systematically lies to its own people while it oppresses other people and nations worldwide for its own gain? Our government is the root cause for these problems. We have no business overseas. We have no business committing war crimes and then covering them up to boot.

    But the government with the help of network news sure knows how to manipulate the people into blaming one guy and direct all their anger towards him, while they continue spending your money on death and destruction. What Manning did does not excuse the war crimes. The government should be accountable to the PEOPLE. We should not be accountable to THEM.

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