Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    February 1st 2012 the entire parliamentary group of The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament nominated Private Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    1 million signatures delivered to the Nobel Nominating Committee would be a huge endorsement.

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  2. bradley manning does not deserve a peace prize. his actions gave away intelligence that may have resulted in the death of innocent lives. whatever way you twist it, he commited a crime and deserves to be tried and serve his sentence

    he should be proud for what he did, because he did it in the name of freedom. he should not expect to be awarded.
  3. 1. Would love to see any hard facts on the leaked info leading to a death, because if the government had it they would be shoving it in our faces so we could see how 'evil he is'.

    2. I actually believe what he divulged should put him safely in the whistleblower category and he should be protected from prosecution and reprisal.

    3. So at the same time you say he should be proud, but also have to spend the rest of his life in jail? This isn't a moral dilemna, either what he did was right or wrong. If it was right, that makes punishing him even more reprehensible.

  4. Bradley Manning knew the consequences of his actions and determined he would sacrifice his life for that information to be heard. he will deservingly spend the rest of his life in prison for the content he leaked during wartime.

    i personally think he is a hero. heros die with their pride and don't get a nobel peace prize, because the things they are fighting for are often against the political interest of those who deal the cards.
  5. Good. He deserves the prize. Light needs to be shed on his case.

    He knew what he was doing. He put himself at great risk. He had access to information that couldn't be kept secret, American war crimes need to be shown.
  6. Who cares if he gets a Nobel Peace Prize. Obama received one of those, and Ludwig Von Mises never got one for economics. I think it's safe to say it has absolutely no validity or prestige any more.

  7. Exactly thats why he deserves it.

  8. So you're protecting the rights and interests of the people 'dealing the cards' but at the same time calling him a hero? Sounds more like you want to martyr him.
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    I completely disagree with eveything posted above, especially info Manning leaked lead to death(s), it did not.

    Bradley Manning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    So while I totally disagree with the above poster I have to say that Bradley Manning knew the consequences of his actions. He may have not been thinking straight when he stole the info and gave it away but he knew this would happen if he got caught. He at least had a Secret clearance and all the info he leaked came off the military SIPRNET line, which is their intranet classified up to Secret. There is also a Top Secret & above intranet and regular ass internet which they call NIPRNET. When you hold a clearance you sign an NDA, among many other things, basically saying all that you learn is for you only and if you tell anyone you will be fucked in your ass.

    I don't like to see Bradley Manning losing his life in prison over this and I will sign this petition but at the end of the day he knew this was going to be the result. Those with clearances keep their mouths shut because they know exactly what they have to lose.
  10. Yeah, his posts confused me as well :confused:

  11. His posts are always confusing me, like he started the thread criticizing RP for being a "Jesus freak" but then other posts he sounds like he supports the good Dr. Honestly half the time I wonder if it isn't two entirely different people posting under the same name...:confused_2:
  12. Bradley Manning is a martyr.

    martyr (noun) - a person who sacrifices something of great value, especially life itself, for
    the sake of principle.

    The negative connotations that go with the name 'Nobel Peace Prize' are clear to me, maybe i didnt articulate myself well. If Bradley Manning recieves a 'peace prize', that would discredit his actions and take away from what he really did:

    -stole information during a time of war (he did not know whether or not the information would or would not get his fellows killed, he took that risk)
    -was deceptive to the people who had given him a job and a purpose in life, stole from them behind their back.

    how would you feel if you gave a kid all the chances in the world and then he sent out your credit card number to hackers online and put up a picture of you flashing your dick on webcam for your constituents to see. the US government wants tto deal with that snitch themselves. live by the blade, die by the blade. die by the blade. by die the blade. but i digress.

    the real heros do not seek to be awarded. mannigns actions were not done in the name of peace but rather in the name of pride for his country.

    So I have concluded i will simply not sign this petition, because i am like that. He knows he will rot in a jail cell, the simple truth.
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    Bradley Manning is a champion among men and a hero who will live in infamy. For me he was the straw that broke the camels back in regards to this administration. His actions exposed the evils of the current administration, both in their actions leading to the leak, as well as the torture that endured after the leak.. If only bums who run the nobel peace prize committee didnt discredit it by giving it to Obama..
  14. I support anyone who tries to expose the corruption of big government. Bradley Manning is a brave man to stand up to an entity that's so much more powerful than him, he is a hero. But guys like him and Julian Assange are called criminals for simply trying to give a little power back to the people.

  15. I don't get this logic. If he did the right thing, is it him who is in the wrong or the law/military? So why should he serve time?
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    the military was not in the wrong. they have established rules and he broke them. he must accept the consequences of his actions.

    he did not even take into account what the documents may have contained! it could have contained things to get his men killed. he commited a traitorous act.

  17. Whoaa.. line after line of babble that misconstrues the issues and paints the picture in black and white, when the reality is it's much more complicated than that..

    Jullian Assange is a completely separate issue than Bradley Manning.. What does that video of all those people calling for Jullian Assange's death have to do with your post?

  18. i dont see it any more complicated than a boy serving in the army, STOLE clasified information (which potentialy could have gotten his own men killed). it does not matter if the evidence uncovers some bogus conspiracy or the location and footage of their troops. either way, bradley manning consciously made his decision, it was not one of peace. bradley manning seems like he was seeking attention in the actions he took.

    i do not know extensive information regarding Julian Assange, but I have heard he collaborated with Manning to distribute information that could have been helpful to opposition forces, which means he was just as conscious as Manning, knowing he was commiting a felony offense.

    Bradley Manning commited a traitorous act that should NOT be misconstrued as an act of peace.

    Do we still hang traitors in the USA?

  19. By your logic then you deserve every bit to be arrested for smoking weed.

  20. Bradley Manning did not have a medical card.


    If I murder somebody, I must accept the consequences of life in prison.. yes?

    you are suggesting Bradley Manning should NOT have to serve his time?? he knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

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