Bracket B (4)John Cho as Harold vs Ryan Reynolds as Vanwilder

Discussion in 'General' started by falconsmoker, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. 4)John Cho as Harold


    13)Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder

    you are voting for your favorite stoner.
  2. van wilder haa
  3. harold and kumar...such a great movie..

    Kumar: hey look thers cyndi, u gonna talk to her this time...orr u gonna be a vagina mcgeinstein...
    .......*elevator closes door on her*
    Kumar: U are worthless
    Harold: .... Im not worthwhile
  4. I just love Van Wilder so my vote goes to him even though harold is a better stoner.

    I dont remember VW smokin really very much in the movie...or at all?
  5. While you never see Van actually toke, he mentions a couple of times.

    Tek: Lets get f'd up.
    Van: Ok lets go...
  6. Tommy Chong!
  7. Agreed.:bongin:
  8. Van Wilder all the way; Harold was a stupid pussy.
  9. true that. remember in van wilder when his bud mistakes the penis pump for a bong? haha good stuff....sorry, i don't really remember character names :smoke: damn reefer
  10. Wasnt van wilder's personal assistant (cock pump boy), isnt he Kumar
  11. Yup, same guy.
  12. Harold.

    Van Wilder was a funny character and good movie, but he wasn't a stoner in my mind. Just a party animal who it's implied liked to toke every once in a while (I don't recall him ever smoking on film). But Harold went on an adventure because of weed, so I would say he wins.
  13. Usually its drinking, only the black dude actually smoke I think. Still VW though cause I just love that movie too much
  14. Harold because it was a movie about getting munchies.

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